Monday, 9 January 2012

How to paint a Chaos power sword (fast version)

After the build-up of what would be the unveiling of a legendary chaos power sword, results were ... meh. Nonetheless, it does offer a very quick way of painting a power sword. All steps shown below can be completed in about 15 minutes or less. Unfortunately with the sun as the main light source, picture quality was uneven.

a) Sword was first undercoated using Chaos Black.
b) Metals parts were then painted the usual Boltgun Metal with a touch of Badab Black wash.
c) Straps on the sword's hilt were basecoated with Scorched Brown, followed by a layer of Bestial Brown, and highlighted using Vermin Brown.
d) A coat of Dark Angels Green was painted on the blade's upper-half in an arrow-shaped manner. Edges of the sword and ridge line down the centre were also painted with Dark Angels Green.


A layer of of Snot Green was added on-top of the Dark Angels Green layer with care, leaving some parts of the latter colour showing,

Scorpion Green was then painted on-top of the Snot Green layer. As with step two, when painting be careful to leave some of the darker Snot Green layer showing so as to give an illusion of colour transition from a darker shade to a lighter one.

a) Sword's upper-most part was painted with yet another lighter shade of green (1:2 mix of Scorpion Green:Skull White), again leaving some of the darker shade of Scorpion Green showing.
b) Lastly, Skull White was painted on the tip of the sword.

So there you have it. An obsidian power sword in the midst of powering up.


  1. That's really nice. The effect really works to make the sword looks glowing.

    Well done. And nice explanation on your process :)

  2. @khairul, me/limp, deathkorps and fayte ... thanks for the kind words. =)

  3. it's a very nice tutorial dude.
    have a look at the video tutorial link that khairul posted in his blog, that's another alternative of painting power weapons.

  4. @vuel ... thanks man! Appreciate the comment. XD
    Is Khairul's video tutorial in a previous blog post?

  5. Wow, very nice, I like your power sword!

    I have to relearn how to do it already.

  6. Ooh! I love it! I'm gonna steal this post and share it with my game group, some of whom have asked how to paint power weapons. Between my method and this one, I think they'll be more than a bit excited.

  7. I appreciate this post. One thought: if you switched from green to red with the same method, you could get a pretty awesome looking gore-covered sword for a baddie champion. Perhaps a little spatter on the lower part of the blade and hilt as well...

    1. Now that's an idea worth exploring! ^_^
      Painting weapons has been one of my weaknesses in miniature painting cause I also prefer painting organic stuff.


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