Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!

Belated new year wishes on my part but do have a good year full of health, happiness and prosperity, for you, your family, loved ones and friends. Keong Hee Huat Chai everyone.

Progress on my zerkers have been pitiful ... just managed to put on a second coat on the gold parts and give it a wash.
Tried to continue doing my "How-To" picture montages using the new lamp but ended up with mixed results. Was playing around with the camera's white balance settings but in the end it was better to just leave it at auto. More tweaking of lamp-positioning is needed as there are instances where the frequency lines do not appear and where lighting seems to be 'brighter'.
Gold areas were painted with 1:1:1 mixture of Burnished Gold:Dwarf Bronze:Tin Bitz
A wash of Gryphonne Sepia was applied to the gold parts
Sigh ... final how-to series of pictures will not only show the steps involved in painting the miniatures but also a nooby's struggle in getting the hang of taking good pictures.

Sidetrack to some awesome miniature cars
Hopefully a sign of good things to come as I finally managed to get my hands on miniature versions of two of my all-time favourite cars after three-plus years of searching. But were found by my wife who got them as a gift for me. xD 
On the left is the famous Toyota AE86 car driven by Takumi in Initial D. On the right is my dream car. Others may dream of a Ferrari or Porsche but just give me an Evo X and I will be happy. On that note, have a happy lunar new year everyone!!!


  1. Happy new year to you too!!!

    I see your photography skills have improved :)
    Nice front and back view.

    Nice gift from your wife man!! Although i'm contracted to at least suggest the Toyota Corolla SE hehehe....the Evo X is a damn good car.

    Or you could go for the more fasionable WaVo (Waja Evolution), WirVo(Wira Evolution), SaVo(Saga Evolution)....and i've even seen a KanVo(Kancil Evolution) hahahaha.

    A prosperous dragon year to your family and you :)

    1. Heh heh Khairul ... yah man ... a lot of Proton Evos out there. Future plan is to modify chassis of a Lanspira (Lancer+Inspira) into a hot looking Evo X, upgrade engine for better HP output, change air intake and exhaust to add yet more HP ... and tadaa ... Lanspira X. =) On as sidenote, it's very stupid of mitsubishi to stop their Evo production line to concentrate on electric vshicles. Mark my words, it will be the death of MitMotors.

    2. Oh ya forgot ... must also change rim to 22" Enkei man ... pimping the ride heh heh


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