Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Super Dungeon Explore Fig.2: Riftling Rogue

Painting the Super Dungeon Explore Riftling Rogue afforded me the chance to get more non-metallic metal practise in although the final results of this demanding technique is still far from satisfactory. I am still struggling to achieve an appropriately stark (as well as smooth) contrast in order to simulate metallic surfaces, especially on such a small surface area. But it's great that these anime chibi-style miniatures is forcing me out of my comfort zone to attempt an advanced painting technique.   

Super Dungeon Explore Riftling Rogue

This particular Super Dungeon Explore board game piece had a really small body that made the head seem even bigger than usual, well it's a chibi figure after all. Still, the Riftling Rogue's body seemed really tiny when compared to the Deeproot Druid which made painting the lower portion difficult.

Not as famous as Drizzit Do'Urden but a tad cuter
Staying true to her original colour scheme meant a very limited colour palette
A pretty earring for a pretty rogue

To stay true to the colour scheme in the board game manual, I used a fairly limited palette when painting the Super Dungeon Explore Riftling Rogue. In hindsight, perhaps I should have painted her leather belt/pouches with brighter colours. That being said, when looking at the Riftling Rogue in the bigger picture ... for example when compared to all the other heroes after they have been painted ... I believe her colour scheme will actually provide a welcome contrast to the rest of the heroes.   

Back view of the Super Dungeon Explore Riftling Rogue
Some shadows on the white hair helped make the figure less monotone
Say I'm cute ... or else

Two cutesy miniatures down and many more to go. Not sure how much 'moe' I can endure but I must admit working on these adorable looking anime miniatures is both extremely fun as well as a means to improve my painting technique. Next up for the Super Dungeon Explore board game pieces will be the Ember Mage. Any elf with the word glimmer in her name cries out to be painted super extra cute! Question is ... can I paint any cuter? Must think cute thoughts ... rainbows, unicorns, sugar and spice ... exterminatus, space marines, war ... oops ... cute thoughts ... errr Richard Watterson?

Richard Watterson, candidate for Best Cartoon Father ... ever

So having left you with an image of a pink bunny burned into your retina ... I bid you adieu for now.


  1. Great work , very lovely .
    Greetings .

  2. Replies
    1. Richard Watterson? Yes ... yes he is. ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael. ^_^ It wasn't as clean as the Deeproot Druid's eyes though.

  4. i really like it!
    very nice and well painted.

    1. Thanks luca ... much appreciated. :)

  5. Very nice. I like the very faithful treatment ... nicely and clean

    1. Thanks spunkybass ... the original colour scheme was already very well thought out so I just tried to follow it the best I could.

  6. this one is my favourite one so far!

    1. Thanks Fed ... ^_^ ... that means I have to work ever so hard to make the next chibi miniature even better.


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