Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Stuff on my worktable and the Liebster Award

Just the other day I was taking stock of what I had on my worktable and thought it would be fun to post a group photo of my current miniatures-to-paint list. They comprise miniatures at the top of the list of each individual miniature line/brand that I happen to be working on. So on the back row from left to right you have the Warhammer Bretonnian Knight to be converted to a knight of a noble house in Westeros (Game of Thrones), Ax Faction's Victorian Darling and Nocturna Models Le Petit Chaperon. On the front row, also from left to right is Knight Models Spiderman, Super Dungeon Explore's Riftling Rogue and finally the W40K Ork Boss from the Assault on Black Reach starter set.

Miniatures on my to-paint-list as at mid-May 2014

At this point in time, only the Victorian Darling and Riftling Rogue seem to be progressing well. Le Petit awaits results from a Vallejo Model skin tone test (more on this in future posts) while I am stuck trying to figure out how to paint House Arryn's symbol for the Game of Thrones paint job conversion project . As I believe I still lack the skills to paint a good Hulk skin tone, Spiderman seems to have jumped queue in my Marvel Universe project. So out came the Ork Warboss yet more Hulk skin tone practise.  Now I am sure I will be adding to this group soon though the unwritten rule is still to work on only one specific miniature from a particular line/brand at any given time.

Liebster Award
Despite not being overly keen on chain-letter-thingamajigs, I am nonetheless touched to have been nominated by Morikun of Le Temple de Morikun and Adam of adm's minilog. So here are my answers to their questions (most that I posted earlier at Morikun's blog have changed).

Morikun's Questions (with the help of Google translate):
1. Why do you blog?
Because I love writing and enjoy sharing my experiences in this hobby.
2. What is your dream figurine?
One that I hope to sculpt is Katniss Everdeen twirling about in a red dress that is on fire.
3. Games Workshop proposed changes to their magazines, agree or not?
Haven't bought White Dwarf for some time now so I can't really say.
4. What is the best trip you would do/did?
Any trip is wonderful when you are with your dearest loved ones.
5.  If you follow a low salt diet, would you bathe in the sea?
Lol ... I can't swim so no.
6. What is your favorite food / hated?
Love coffee (it's food for the brain) and hate prawns.
7. Why do you paint miniatures?
Because I love working with colours.
8. What do you hate most in the world?
That there is so much hate in the world. 
9. Why do you come to Temple Morikun?
Because it's a lovely blog why else?

Adam's Questions:
1.  What and how long ago got you into the hobby?
Hmmm ... late 2011 I think so more than two-and-a-half-years ago but less than three.
2. Fantasy, history or sci-fi?
All but fantasy first and foremost.
3. What do you think is your best work and why?
Zombie Girl, Freya and White Speaker - three-way tie. Just like them I guess.
4. What is your greatest hobby ambition?
To not suck so much and paint better with each miniature.
5. Are you more of a analytic and organized or totally chaotic painter?
Analytical and organized when planning colour schemes, chaotic when painting.
6. Which movie/book/comic book/video game franchise would you like to see made into miniature line the most? The Last of Us (PS3 video game)
7. Which is more important to you: painting or gaming? Which takes up more time? Painting
8.  If you could spend a day with a totally fictional character who would it be and why?
Q of Star Trek. Why not?
9. Do you have a favorite miniature manufacturer\line or prefer to try out different stuff?
Any miniature line that has good details and quality is ok in my books.
10. Is fluff and back story an important factor for you when choosing minis, or is it all about the looks? Both are equally important.
11. Lager or ale? Neither ... coffee rules!

Star Trek's best ever character ... Q

In the spirit of the award, which is to promote new blogs, I would like to invite readers to please take the time to visit the many blogs on my blog roll to the right. They are written by people passionate about their art and hobby and thus deserve our support. And as always, thanks for visiting my blog!  


  1. Congratulation Kuan .

  2. Congrats, I was about to nominate you when i saw this ;)

    1. I was going to nominate you too as well as some of the local miniature painters back where I'm at but finally decided not to as I am unsure how others might feel about this chain-letter thingy. ^_^

  3. my compliments, you deserve it!

  4. Congratulations my Dear FeM ^^

    And now ? Can you swim ? XD

    1. Ha ha ... in fact I was a member of my school's swimming club ... and I couldn't swim ... lol. That is a story for another day.

  5. Replies
    1. You too on your own Liebster award ^_^

  6. Yep but that's not a reason to not send you my congratulations :D

  7. Hey, congratulations! More than deserved :)

    1. Thanks Suber ... much appreciated! :)


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