Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nocturna Models Le Petit Chaperon [WIP-Le Chiot]

Despite taps running dry occasionally eventhough the area where I live has not been earmarked for water rationing during this mini-drought, water supply has thankfully not been disrupted to the extent where I cannot paint. Nonetheless, to conserve water I didn't really do much painting and worked on something simple such as the pet dog of the Nocturna Models Le Petit Chaperon resin model kit.

Le Chiot - Red Riding Hood's adorable pet dog 
Fur was painted with the Siberian Husky as reference

I wasn't too sure as to the type of puppy that accompanied Le Petit Chaperon. But it looked a lot like a Siberian Husky puppy to me, which kinda makes sense because they are wolf-like in appreance. Red Riding Hood ... Wolf ... get it? My version of the puppy is sort of a composite of all the types of Siberian Huskies that you can see in the photo below - a grey plus yellowish brown colour scheme.   

Fur colour was a composite of various different Siberian Huskies

One cool thing about the Siberian Husky puppy is its blue eyes. I am glad I managed to successfully paint in the blue irises on which the black pupils rest. Good practice for Le Petit Chaperon herself. 

Small regular paint strokes were used to simulate fine fur
For portions containing white fur, some grey were added to create depth

Because the fur was not really sculpted on the puppy's body, I proceeded to paint the fur using small regular strokes to simulate fine fur. I was really happy with the results as it gave the fur more depth. Colours that I used to paint the fur (including ears) comprised various mixes of Citadel Acrylic Paint such as Ceramite White, Chaos Black, Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Khemri Brown, Kommando Khaki, Bleached Bone, Desert Yellow, Dark Flesh and Dwarf Flesh.

Paws might need further paint work 
Fun fact - an upward arching tail indicates that this is a dog and not a wolf

Apart from the fur and eyes, painting for the rest of the puppy was fairly straightforward - leather for the dog leash/collar and a gold medallion. Initally I painted the medallion in silver but that didn't work as it did not really stand out against the puppy's white fur.   

Front and back view of the Siberian Husky puppy

Work on Le Petit Chaperon herself hasn't started yet because of the uncertain water supply to my house. Hopefully with cloud seeding resulting in some late evening showers means that the intermittent dry water taps will not turn into full-fledged water rationing. I can only hope.



  1. Replies
    1. Yep ... the puppy is a nice complement to Red Riding Hood herself.

  2. Cute puppy.. I see that you're getting better at painting the eyes. Well done.

    1. Thanks Lord AK. ^_^ Nocturna Models miniatures are one of the most detailed I have ever worked with. First time I managed a coloured iris although it could have been painted better. My old eyes makes it difficult. XD

  3. Awwwww it's sooooo cute!! *__*
    Mostly I LOVE the fur effect you managed to create. Very good job!
    Looking forward to see RRH too :)

    1. Yeah ... Siberian Huskies, especially the pups look soooooooooo cute! My family once contemplated getting one for a pet but in the end we decided it was beyond the family budget to properly care for one. Moreover, these dogs deserve to live in wide open spaces which makes my little itty bitty house unsuitable for it. ^_^

    2. Yep I know: the same problem here -_- a friend of mine had a huski-like dog once and I enjoyed a lot being her dog-sitter for a while ;)


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