Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Knight Models Logan [WIP - Denim jeans]

Depending on how you approach the Knight Models Logan 1/28th scale model kit - either as a beginner painter or one with some experience under his or her belt - this fantastically detailed metal miniature puts up its own unique challenges. If you are new to miniature painting, then the limited colour pallette required - blue, white, flesh tones, silver metallic, and black - should make things less complicated as a first project. But if you are an experienced miniature painter, then this is actually a very difficult figure to paint well due to its simplicity. Confused? Please read on to see what I mean.

Knight Models Logan, work-in-progress on his denim jeans

If you were using Logan as one of your first projects as miniature painter, then a simple basecoat of blue for the jeans, white for the singlet, flesh colours for the hands and face, black for the hair, shoes and perhaps the base, metallic silver for the blades and military tag and then tying it all up with some washes should give you a fairly decent result. However, if like me you have had some projects under your belt and are seeking to improve your skills, then it becomes a whole different ball game.   

Trial and error gave me the overall denim colour that I wanted

By the very nature of its simplicity, the Knight Models Logan metal miniature can only stand out if the painting process takes into consideration the various textures - be it denim jeans, leather shoes, cotton singlet, flesh with prominent veins, etc - is accurately depicted. The simple colour scheme will inevitably force one's eye to pay that little bit more attention to these textures and how well they are painted. So for the miniature to really 'pop', the jeans, singlet and skin tones in particular have to look ultra realistic - something easier said than done as it always hardest to paint the simple things well. 

Best angle in which to view the painted texture on the denim jeans

Interestingly enough, my preoccupation with texture for this miniature stems partly from my experiences when drawing concept sketches for my sculpting projects. When drawing, I am particularly vexed time and again on how to depict a texture by use of just pencils and tonal values. It has made me approach miniature painting in a whole new way. When I look at surfaces to paint, I now no longer look purely at colours but also textures in order to achieve the next level of realism. 

Shadows and highlights were subtly painted to prevent them overpowering the denim texture
Back view of Logan's denim jeans
Creases on the jeans were a bit of a challenge to paint

First up for the Knight Models Logan miniature was to paint Logan's jeans so that it accurately portrays the texture of denim. Online materials for denim texture are abundant making it easy for me to compile my favourites into a composite photo (see below) to serve as a reference point when painting the jeans. In a nutshell, I tried using some cross-hatching paint strokes to mimic the texture.

Case study of various denim textures I sought to replicate

Before painting began proper for this minaiture, I was fortunate enough to achieve a smooth primer coat this time around. If you have been following my progress as a miniature painter, you would know that on occasion I have encountered fairly rough primer coats. I am not sure if the extremely hot and dry weather that the city has been experiencing has had a hand in this because I assume such heat would remove some humidity from the atmosphere and improve the priming process.

Finally a good primer coat

Anyway, thanks for following my progress on the latest miniature in my Marvel Universe project. I hope to get more work done on Logan over the coming weeks, along with other projects on my work table which includes among others Red Riding Hood, a knight from a noble house in Westeros, possibly some W40K stuff as well as more concept sketches for my sculpting project.


  1. Very nice! Logan would never keep his jeans that clean though. I think you need some subtle powders on there to dirty them up a bit as a final step once he is all painted ;)

    1. Thanks for that very good suggestion Zab. =) Sadly I have no powders in my repertoire. It did cross my mind to bloody him all up at the final stage but then again I might still keep him looking clean ala the ladies man that he was in the latest movie. LoL ^_^

    2. He'll be great either way, just remember with the blood FX less is more :)

    3. Heh heh ... you are so right. Painting blood effects ala Stephen King's Carrie would just about spoil every other painting effort put in earlier. :)

      My biggest weakness as a miniature painter is not 'dirtying up' certain minis although I know in my heart it should be done. Weird I know. Sigh.

  2. One of my favorite Marvel , the texture of this jeans is amazing great look , is not easy to work on the blue !
    i'm impatient to see the next step ^-^

    1. Thanks for following my progress on Logan. =) Logan is a really cool minaiture. But I wish Knight Models would make Black Widow. Now that would be one kick-ass figurine. XD

    2. I am 100% certain there are some nice garage kits of the black widow on ebay or even on e2046. They may be more of an anime style, but that is a fun style to paint up too.



      Sorry. I shouldn't tempt you like that. ~insert evil laughter here~ :P

    3. You sir are indeed the devil on my shoulders ... shoo shoo ... go away now ... if you must perch on my shoulders please come bearing gifts of gold muah ha ha ha ha ha (gold metallic paints do not count). ^_^

  3. Oh wow, now that's seriously impressive! Great job on the jeans.

    1. Thanks Michael. High praise indeed, I am humbled. ^_^

  4. I am of course a big fan of marvel comics, so that one could be my favourite between your mignatures when finished. In the meanwhile... that jeans effect is amazing: they look as they were true jeans made in fabric. Very, very, very good job!!

    1. You are much too kind. Thanks a lot for the positive feedback. =)

      Yeah ... you gotta love those bad-ass get out of my face Marvel superheroes.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Lord AK. Very humbling coming from an award winning painter such as yourself. I was a bit worried I would mess it up but am glad it turned out ok.


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