Thursday, 7 November 2013

Starting work on Ser Gregor Clegane

Although Dark Sword Miniatures already has a beautifully sculpted official Game of Thrones miniature depicting Ser Sandor Clegane, I decided to go rogue and use two unofficial miniatures to depict 'The Mountain' both masked and unmasked. Using a Warhammer Bretonnian Knight for the former and the Nocturna Models Crusader XIII C for the latter, I will be painting both in the colours of House Clegane for a miniature conversion of sorts that is limited to just the paint job.

Game of Thrones - Ser Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain as played by Conan Stevens

Progress on both miniatures is at the initial stage with basecoats in a colour scheme that at first glance looks a lot like costumes worn by the X-Men, mutant superheroes of the Marvel Universe.

Size comparison of the Nocturna Models (left) and Warhammer (right) figures versus a 32-mm paperclip

Not only does the Nocturna Models figure bear an uncanny resemblance to the actor portraying Ser Gregor in the Game of Thrones television series, it will also allow me to practice painting on a larger 1:28 scale and hopefully provide me with the opportunity to create a realistic looking Ser Gregor.

Nocturna Models Crusader XIII C basecoated in the colours of House Clegane

Meanwhile, the roughly smaller 28-mm scale Bretonnian Knight miniature will fit in nicely with my exisiting Lannister Knight in what will be an eight House extravaganza. I went with the helmet containing a boar with a knife on it's back, which I felt was befitting the actual storyline describing the demise of the king in the Game of Thrones books. Although the Cleganes were not directly responsible for the king's death, they do serve masters who were.  

Knight of House Clegane (WIP)

As for Sandor Clegane aka The Hound (Ser Gregor's brother), I am unable to use any existing miniatures to depict him due to the character's unique characteristics chiefly his helmet which is shaped into the likeness of a dog's head as well as his badly burned face. So if I were to eventually paint Sandor, I guess I will use the official miniature from Dark Sword. 

Game of Thrones - Sandor Clegane aka The Hound as played by Rory McCann

As it stands, my work on House Clegane is centered around Ser Gregor. Perhaps in the future there will be room for Sandor. But for now, The Mountain takes precedence over The Hound.


  1. It might take some work finding it, but check out "Leopolds Leopard company" from the Warhammer Fantasy range Dog of war. It might be a decent starting point for the hounds helmet.

    1. Thanks for the info! =) I guess they are the closest to a hound-shaped helmet although some additional sculpting work would still be needed.


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