Friday, 15 November 2013

House Clegane warhorse, complete with heraldry

Barring some final touch ups to the House Clegane warhorse especially on the metal studs and leather reins, Ser Gregor's equine ride is largely finished. Just a year ago if you had told me that I would be painting freehand on a more regular basis I would have called you crazy. But a desire to paint and bring something one has read (or seen) to life can sometimes override the mental block that prevents a painter from trying out new techniques whether due to lack of confidence or pure laziness. 

Painting the House Clegane heraldry, an alternate version in freehand

Although I am not entirely happy with the final results due to an annoying inability on my part to paint the hounds in a consistent manner, there are still some positives that I can take from this experience. For example, I am slowly coming to grips with my paint brush handling skills and learning to mix paints in a way that facilitates freehand painting. It also provides me with a foundation towards painting more complex freehand designs that contain more than just one colour.  

House Clegane warhorse (side view, right)
House Clegane warhorse (side view left)

So the stage is now set for the Clegane knight (there is only one I know of and he is Ser Gergor) to be seated atop the warhorse. All I have to do is paint the knight and arm him with a shield that contains yet another House Clegane heraldry. However, this time the freehand painting design I have in mind is different from what you see on the warhorse. I am planning to paint just one hound but in more detail as depicted in the Game of Thrones TV series. Pulling that off will be easier said than done.


  1. Very interesting and creative work, I've just had a look on your previous posts and you did a very nice job! Love your paintwork with the yellox colors too...

    1. Thanks Phil for your kind and encouraging words. =)

  2. Wow, really nice. Your blending is beautiful.

    1. Thanks. =) It's slowly getting better but I am still have a lot of practice before I get truly smooth transitions though. I lack patience most of the times.


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