Monday, 11 February 2013

Word Bearers Army - First Anointed

It feels good to be back on the hobby bandwagon. Painting my first Anointed with my favourite blues tunes playing in the background ... it almost doesn't get better than that. For the Word Bearers Terminator, I tried to find a balance between a dirty grimy chaos theme, and clean clear lines of the False Emperor-loving Space Marines. It will take some work but I hope to eventually pull it off.

My first Word Bearers Anointed
The Anointed's tusks were a difficult challenge for a noob like me
Side view of the Anointed
Highlights on the shoulder skull icon was a bit tough to do
Back looks a bit too clean but I couldn't bring myself to splash more wash on it
Different colour mixtures with Boltgun Metal gave depth to the Reaper Autocannon
A wash of Devlan Mud kept the decal from being too shiny
Can you spot the Eye of Horus?
That's one down and four more Word Bearers Anointed to go. I took a lot of step-by-step pictures during the painting of the above Anointed, and it will all eventually be put up in a later How-To post. Still mostly using the old Citadel paints so it will be an old skool painting guide. 

Obstacles in my way?
Just reached my 100-hour mark in Skyrim and I am still hooked. Moreover, I am not even halfway through the main quest yet ... this game is massive. Trying to pull the arrow from my knee but it's a half-hearted attempt at most.

Saved up for two years for this beauty with a single coil pickup
Worse still, a software called Rocksmith has me picking up my guitar again after more than a year (took lessons for a year but never really practised as much as I should have). Other than painting up my Word Bearers army, my lunar new year resolution also includes finally learning to play a blues tune on an electric guitar. 


  1. Congrats man. Thanks looks nice. Especially the 360 degree view :)

    So when are we gonna have a game? I've already played to a draw against Goh ;)

    Btw what blues tunes were you listening too?

    1. Thanks Khairul ... Word Bearers colour scheme is generally a bit dull so I hope that a more realistic kind of paint style would suit the army better.

      Aiyo ... I haven't even finished reading the W40K rules yet (sad I know) let alone finished painting my army, to qualify for a game. Getting to game with more patient gamers like Goh and you should be motivation enough for me to pick up the pace.

      Blues tunes I listen to are fairly varied ranging from old old skoll like Robert Johnson from the 1930s to the early works of musicians' such as Eric Clapton (and the various blues music bands he was in), Rory Gallagher, Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones (back when blues featured heavily in their songs) to more contemporary blues artists like Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Carolyn Wonderland and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Almost all rock bands are heavliy influenced by the blues e.g. ACDC.

      Phew ... don't get me started on the blues. Heh heh ^^

    2. agree with Khairul, the models looked nice!

    3. Thanks Vuel ... Word Bearers colour scheme is a bit dull and simple but it makes painting this army easier ... at least I hope it does. ^^

  2. Very nice- can't wait to see a whole force!

    1. Thanks deathkorps ... that should motivate me to paint faster. =)

  3. Simple but nice.. clean work.
    Got any close-up pic on the Eye?

    It was 6 years back when I last played any guitar. I stayed at the beach in Setiu for 3 weeks. I remember "ushar"-ing a kampung girl with a couple of songs hahaha.. Nice post!

    1. I did take a few close up pictures of the Eye but it turned out to be pretty boring stuff so i didn't post the pics. =)

      Wah ... casanova-lah you. Heh heh ^^
      Sang some songs acapella once to the missus. Luckily she didn't leave me then and there ... LOL. =P


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