Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Gooey Mess and Two More Anointed

Having used the old Citadel paints for close to two years now, I find the paints are still in good condition. It helps that I am very careful with them in usage and storage so as to prolong their useful shelf life. Currently, I only have three paints from the new Citadel paint range namely, Runelord Brass, Sycorax Bronze and Brass Scorpion. Unfortunately, less than a year after using these new paints, the first two colours have gone bad and turned into a gooey texture that renders it unusable.

Gooey sticky texture that has rendered the paint unsuable
I am still at a loss as to why this happened as it can't be a coincidence that two colours went bad so quickly. It seems as if the medium on which the pigments rest have dried up. I am sure I was very careful when using the new paints so I am left scratching my head as to why this happened. Sigh.

More Word Bearers Anointed joins the ranks
With the recent lunar new year holidays, I managed to complete two more Word Bearers Anointed. Trying to get as much painting done as I possibly can seeing that I am way behind schedule on my first W40K army. Am thinking of painting the Black Legion portion next to break the monotony.

Two more Anointed join the ranks
Same two Anointed from a different angle
This Anointed's left arm reminds me of the classic movie Evil Dead for some reason
The green sack actually holds some Gulliman warrior's kahoonas
Well that's it for this post. Hope to make more progress on the Word Bearers this coming weeks.


  1. Nice work bro.. one more to go!

  2. Thanks. Actually I have two more Anointed to paint. Unfortunately I am starting to get lazy again ... heh heh.


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