Friday, 24 August 2012

Rough Guide to Painting a Bad Moonz Ork Deffkopta

Finished painting my first ever Warhammer 40K vehicle, and I guess it was inevitable that it had to be an Ork Deffkopta. For some reason, it seemed less intimidating than the Chaos Rhino that I was planning to paint. There are still two more deffkoptas left to paint so the job's only partly done.  

Dakka, dakka, dakka ...
Added some black flames on the side to make the deffkopta look more menacing
More black flames ... this time on the opposing side
Rear view of the Ork Deffkopta
One down, two to go.

Rough Guide to Painting a Bad Moonz Ork Deffkopta

Step 1: Basecoat with Chaos Black.

 Step 2: Basecoat selected armour panels with Taucept Ocre.

Step 3: Basecoat the metal parts with a combination of Boltgun Metal, Tin Bitz, a 1:1 mix of Boltgun Metal:Chardonite Granite and a 1:1 mix of Boltgun Metal:Chaos Black. Meanwhile, Khemri Brown/Citadel Brown was used for the cloth/leather wrappings, and Mordian Blue, Orkshide Shade and Mechrite Red was used for the various wirings found on the vehicle.

Step 4: Basecoat the ork pilot's skin with Orkhide Shade, Ork teeth/Leather Pilot Headgear/Gloves/Pants (Scorched Brown), Waist Cloak/Goggle Lens (Astronomican Grey), Goggle Straps/Arm Scarf (Calthan Borwn) and Fur lining pilot's flight jacket (Khemri Borwn).

Step 5: Vehicle was given a wash of Badab Black (for the metal parts) and Devlan Mud (for the Ork Pilot and all the other non-metal parts). I actually also washed the yellow armoured panels with Devlan Mud but on hindsight, I should have left it alone till later.

Step 6: Application of the Midtones and Highlights completed the paint job.
Yellow Armoured Panels - A midtone layer of 1:1 Iyanden Darksun:Golden Yellow mix was followed by a highlight of 1:1 Golden Yellow:Skull White mix.A wash of Gryphonne Sepia was applied to the panels' recesses as well as the black flame markings.
Ork Skin - This time round, I decided to paint a brighter skin tone and went with the traditional Games Workshop style of Knarloc Green followed by Goblin Green (Midtones) and always leaving the darker layer showing a little bit at each step. Finally a 1:1 Goblin Green:Bleach Bone mix was used for the skin highlights. A wash of Thraka Green was applied right at the end.
Waist Cloak - For the cloak around the Ork pilot's waist, a midtone layer of Scab Red was applied followed by a wash of Devlan Mud and Badab Black. Then, a layer of Red Gore was applied while taking care not to obscure the shadows created by the wash and also part of the Scab Red layer. Finally a highlight comprising a 1:1 mix of Blood Red and Blazing Orange was applied. For some contrast, the inner layer of the coat which had been basecoated with Astronomican Grey was painted with a midtone of Skull White and washed with Badab Black and Devlan Mud to 'dirty it up'.                               

Metal Parts - Parts basecoated earlier with Tin Bitz were painted with a midtone layer comprising either just Dwarf Bronze or a 1:1 mix of Tin Biz:Dwarf Bronze. A wash of Gryphonne Sepia was applied to finish off the bronze-looking parts. For the rest, a highlight of Mithril Silver was used.
Ork pilot hat, gloves and pants - No midtones was used. They were just highlighted using a 1:1 mix of Scorched Brown:Bestial Brown.
Ork teeth - A simple midtone layer of Bleached Bone was followed by a wash of Devlan Mud. 

Fur lining on the flight jacket, leather bindings on the vehicle - A midtone of Kommando Khaki was applied followed by a wash of Devlan Mud. No highlights were used, though they can be added for a more detailed paint job.

Well that's about it for a rough how-to on painting an Ork Deffkopta. It forms a basis on which to build on as further highlights can certainly improve the vehicle's look. But it is, however, a reasonably quick way to paint one, all things considered.


  1. This is very nice tutorial man. Nicely done. I love wip pics so please keep it up.

    Nice heli/copter :)


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