Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kingdom Death Miniatures

After seeing the miniatures for the first time on a fellow hobbyist's blog and later checking them out in detail at the original website, I knew I had to get my hands on some Kingdom Death miniatures.

A truly awesome set
Ordered two miniatures - the Pinup Savior (Morgan) and Pinup Survivor - and they duly arrived in a carefully packaged box that protected both miniatures well. There were some issues with the Pinup Savior (details on the bottom right corner of the cloak were not clearly seen and the left foot seems to have broken off), but I was still happy with the overall package I got from Kingdom Death.

Pinup Survivor
Pinup Savior

Can't wait to get started on the cool Kingdom Death miniatures.  

Bad Moonz Ork Deffkopta
On the Warhammer 40K front, things have slowed down a bit as I have been too busy with work to get much painting done. Only managed to get some basecoats on an Ork Deffkopta.

Slow progress on a Bad Moonz Deffkopta
Hope I can get more done up over the short 4-day holiday period.


  1. Awesome, you've got your KD stuff too!
    Some pointer for assemble KD stuff : green stuff come handy. KD miniature is not as assemble friendly as GW's, my twilight knight's arm was a pain in ass to fit to it's socket, it was kinda small and quite impossible to drill and pin too, I end up stick it using a small goo of GS to stick it in place. Assemble the minis itself might took some time =)

    Shame that since I assembled the mini, I still haven't have time to work on it, plan to spend the best of my raya weekend to clean up my nurglish room... lets see whether I could spend some time to paint up either wet nurse or twilight knight... the skintone color is something new to me, hopefully I won't screw up ;-p

    Lookin forward to see your take on KD minis!

  2. Thanks for the tips on assembling the KD miniatures limp! Must admit that they do look daunting and I forsee some 'hair-pulling' incidences with regard to arm positioning when assembling them.

    Skin-tone is going to be tough on me too. Also thinking of doing OSL on these girls as they all seem to have a lamp. Dude you should check out the Iluminated Lady on their website. She is awesome! I am thinking she would make a great beginners OSL project and might get her. Oh man I am soooooooo broke this month.

    Also ... did you wash the KD miniatures before assembling?


      Ooooo..boobs.. ahem.. (must... focus.. must resist urge to.. buy)

      Dude, pace urself.. don't go impulse buying..paint what you have first before you buy something new. I guess the trick of OSL is to be subtle.. don't overdo it just for the sake of OSL, I make this mistake alot when I'm experimenting.. the radius of light should be realistic and instead of reflecting everywhere=) I guess alot of internet research would help greatly

      And yes, I wash KD's mini before assemble it

    2. This Soda Pop mini also looks very nice & kawaii ... but I am taking your advice at not going overboard with the impulse buys! Its so hard though ... all these awesome miniatures screaming buy and paint me!!!

      Btw, a standard disclaimer is in order +++ Start of Disclaimer Vox Transmission +++ My interest in Kingdom Death's Iluminated Lady is purely artisitic in nature and goes beyond the boundaries booby fandom (deadpan). Mrs. FEM remains FEM's numero uno. +++ End Disclaimer Vox Transmission +++

    3. Dude... just saw ur msg at me blog.
      NOT liquid GS lah, the solid GS that you need to mix two color play-doh like thingy. <-- this

      It's not a must have but does comes handy sometimes.

    4. Thanks for the clarification. Don't have any of the solid green stuff at the moment. Something to consider buying in the future I guess.


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