Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Progress on Ork Nobz ... and a Spitfire!

After weeks of not painting, inertia had set in. And trying to get started again was awfully hard. Granted I was tired out after every work day but I was just clinging to every other excuse - watching TV, reading books, playing the latest video/PC games (Diablo 3 anyone?) - to not start painting.

Was I finally fed up with the hooby? Gork (ork pun intended) forbid, of course not! I guess I was just daunted at the huge array of miniatures I have yet to paint. It's easy to say a thousand miles begins with a single step ... yada yada ... but I still looked at my paint workstation with a measure of dread.

Well, I have finally managed to drag my lazy ass bum to the workstation and continue my work on the Ork Nobz from the Assault on Black Reach set. Managed to basecoat all five miniatures and give a combination wash of Badab Black and Devlan Mud. So next up will be the mid-tones.

Ork Nobz (Front view, progress so far)
Ork Nobz (Back view, progress so far)

The following is a detailed look at the miniatures before and after the wash.

Ork Nobz 1 (Basecoated, Before Wash)
Ork Nobz 1 (Basecoated, After Wash)
Ork Nobz 2 (Basecoated, Before Wash)
Ork Nobz 2 (Basecoated, After Wash)
Ork Nobz 3 (Basecoated, Before Wash)
Ork Nobz 3 (Basecoated, After Wash)
Ork Nobz 4 (Basecoated, Before Wash)
Ork Nobz 4 (Basecoated, After Wash)
Ork Nobz 5 (Basecoated, Before Wash)
Ork Nobz 5 (Basecoated, After Wash)

Just this week, I accidentally came across a magazine cum die-cast airplane model offer for just RM9.90 (US$3) at a local bookstore. It's one of those magazine/model publications that seems to be all the rage again in Malaysia and Singapore. Me ... I am not too much of a fan myself but when I saw the model on offer, it was just too good to pass. Moreover, it happened to be my all-time favourite airplane ... the Spitfire. Here are some pictures I took of it.

Guess I am back on the hobby track again, albeit at a slower pace. Hope to do more painting soon.


  1. It's good to see you back on track sir :)

    That is a nice plane for display at just RM10. scale 1:72 is how big eh?

    You know the ork has a new fighter plane right. Go for it!!

    1. Spitfire is about 5 inches long (nose to tail) and 6 inches wide (tip of left wing to tip of right wing).

      Wow I just saw the Ork Bommer ... how cool is that!!! =)

  2. Good on ya FEM, I'm still lost in Diablo3 =p

    1. Thanks limp ... lost in Diablo 3 ... whaddaya mean?

      Mine kept crashing till I swtiched anti-aliasing off so fingers crossed it doesn't crash on me again. My graphic card can't handle Diablo 3 anymore I guess ... the old NVIDIA 98000GT is dying. =(

    2. lost in there.. can't find my way out =p having zero hobby progress since the release of diablo3

      on a brighter note, finally I visited forge today and had a game with my K3 partner Hakim=)
      Gotta finish up the vindy and rebase my zerkers ASAP!


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