Sunday, 6 May 2012

All quiet on the hobby front

A slew of 'happenings' meant that time spent on the miniature hobby has been ... well ... non-existent. Starting a new job, catching up on Warhammer 40K lore, continuing my adventure in what is IMHO the best console franchise I have ever experienced, and the return of two of my favourite TV shows all kinda combined to ensure nothing got done at the hobby front.

Catching up on my reading

Managed to read two Warhammer 40K books at a rate of one per week. Black Library's Space Marine Battle novels are just nice for a quick entertaining read if you are pressed for time. Having read three books in the series so far, my favourite remains the first one, Rynn's World by Steve Parker.

Playstation 3's most awesome franchise ever

It's about time Steven Spielberg/George Lucas made an Uncharted movie
I can't recommend Uncharted 3 highly enough. It's a freaking incredible ride of console gaming heaven. Naughty Dog, the creators of Uncharted, has kept the franchise on an upward track with each new game in the series surpassing the previous one. Only mid-way through the game, I have been unwilling to put it down long enough to do any miniature painting. Also looking forward to Uncharted 3's new Co-Op mode as it will my son and I some quality time together.

All my free time tied up in a neat little bundle

Supernatural (left) and Mad Men (right)
To top it all off, two of my favourite shows are back with new seasons on satellite TV. Supernatural is back with Season 7 while Mad Men weighs in with Season 5. Looks like it will be even quieter on the hobby front in the weeks to come. Hopefully I will have settled into a new routine in a few weeks time or earlier, with the new job and all, and try to get some painting done.


  1. I manage to finish Void Stalker while im squating at Melbourne airport (for a "wonderful" 20++ hours, moral of the story, don't go cheap on hotel...), great read and heretically good!

    Supernatural? I've stop watching it for a while... but I do have to admit i'm a fans of Dean Winchester, and I heard that in the latest season, there is one episode featuring Felicia Day, which makes me a very happy heretic=)

    Gotta go take a bath and spray me vindy black, less than 2 months to Legio Birthday bash \(^^)/

    1. Void Stalker is the third in the series right? Must get started on some CSM-related novels soon myself.

    2. I have the full night lord trilogy, if you want, I can pass it to you =)

    3. That's very nice of you. Thanks! =) No need though. Already have all three. Taking advantage of Kinokuniya discounts although their new 10% discount card means no more 20% off on future books. =(

    4. when there is 20% off... pay two time=___,=

  2. Lucky I've quit video games.
    Supernatural is Season 7 already?!! I stop watching after season 2 or 3 hahaha..
    Dont get lost far too long bro :)

    1. I don't really play much videogames myself nowadays. Just the big-ticket ones! And I just got one that I have been waiting over ten years for. DIABLO III. 'Nuff said.

    2. hijacked...
      waiting for me D3 to arrive today too...


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