Friday 17 March 2023

MS-09R Rick Dom [Videos of the Unboxing, Assembly, and a Completed 360° view with Weapons]

 With every new video uploaded to my YouTube channel, I am slowly coming to grips with editing videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. For example, I am learning how to increase a video's accessibility using closed captions. These series of videos on the Rick Dom project are the first to sport closed captions on my channel FourEyedMonster Miniatures. In addition, I also attempted to make more interesting and informative YouTube thumbnails using Adobe Photoshop. Of course regardless of any cosmetic improvements, content is still king. And in that respect, I still have much to improve on. So whilst I go about doing just that, I hope you'll still enjoy the Rick Dom videos below.    

Thumbnails of the Rick Dom video series, for actual links please see below

 First up, we have the MS-09R Rick Dom Part 1 of  4: Unboxing and Pre-Assembly Review video, which takes a detailed look and what's inside the Bandai 1/100 scale mecha model kit. Since this is an old kit from way back in 1999, it contains a pleasant surprise in the form of a large glossy poster of a painted Rick Dom. That is reason enough to check the video if you ask me!

 Following the unboxing, we then proceed to assemble the Rick Dom's head and torso on camera. The parts and sub-assemblies for the head and torso had been painted, top-coated, panel-lined, and partially put together off camera before being undergoing the process you see in Part Two below.

 Meanwhile in Part Three, the assembly process continues with the Rick Dom's limbs (see below). And as in Part Two, the parts and sub-assemblies of the mecha's arms and legs were either top-coated or painted, as well as panel-lined. Also similar to the preceding video, all markings seen here were either sticker decals or dry transfer decals. But unlike the torn dry transfer on back of the Rick Dom's torso, all the relevant decals on its arms and legs were applied without a hitch.

 In the fourth and final part, the major sub-assemblies of the Rick Dom such as its head, torso, arms, and legs were put together at last to complete the project. In this video, the mecha's weapons consisting of long-range weapons like the gigantic Beam Bazooka, the smaller but still big 360mm GB05R Bazooka, as well as its melee weapon i.e. the Heat Sabre. There's more! We finally get to see the Rick Dom in all its 360 degree glory as it is placed upon a rotating turntable and filmed.

 Apart from content which can always be made better, there is perhaps a case to be made for a tighter edit on hobby-related videos that I upload to my channel. And because I'm not doing ASMR-type content, I also might have to do away with detailed work-in-progress assembly videos, and increase screen time for the finished article e.g. review of the fully-assembled/painted kit in a larger variety of poses. In any case, all this alludes to more growing pains for my FourEyedMonster Miniatures YouTube Channel content creation process.     

FourEyedMonster Miniatures YouTube Channel

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