Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 [Final Assembly plus Weapons & Accessories]

 Final assembly of the Bandai Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 was done in less than 20 minutes as all the hard work - namely the major sub-assemblies such as the head, torso, and limbs - had already been completed earlier. Apart from final assembly of the Evangelion itself, I also put together Unit-00's weapons and accessories i.e. power plug and cable. But these weren't as difficult to put together as the major sub-assemblies. All in all this Real Grade kit is an easy enough project for an experienced scale modeler to tackle over a dedicated free hobby-weekend (or throughout a busy week), at least it should be if it was a straight out-of-the-box build with no painting involved.

Bandai Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00, fully assembled sans weapons and accessories

 However, the time frame mentioned in the preceding paragraph is only a guesstimate at best. For you see, I tend to work slowly on projects due to my OCD tendencies as well as my reduced energy levels as I grow older. Complicating matters further is the time factor involved in chronicling the progress of a scale model/miniature project. In projects I undertake, the effort to record/edit the kit's work-in-progress photos/videos can be just as time consuming as (if not more than) the build/painting process itself. It all adds up in what I'd term as the FourEyedMonster Hobby-Time Continuum.

Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 head and torso sub-assemblies

Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 arms, legs, and shoulder sub-assemblies

 Putting together Evangelion Unit-00 in the final phase of assembly was a straightforward process seeing that the sub-assemblies comprising the head, torso, and limbs were already completed earlier. One would think this was a pointless to seemingly drag on the assembly process. I wouldn't blame you for thinking so. But I've always felt it necessary to take a breath once the main sub-assemblies were completed, and appreciate the separate parts - in this case the head, torso, and limbs - in isolation, before specific details are lost to the eye when it all comes together. 

Main sub-assemblies of the Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 prior to the final assembly process

Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00, fully assembled with all the non-weapon related hand options

 As mentioned earlier, apart from the final assembly itself I had also proceeded to assemble, and detail the weapons and accessories. One key thing I forgot to do was to panel line them both. But as you can se from the photos below, they still look relatively good regardless.

Evangelion Unit-00 pallet rifle, and progressive knives, as well as hand options to hold said weapons

Power plug and umbilical cable, both serve as a direct power supply for the Evangelion

A fully assembled Evangelion Unit-00 together with its weapons and accessories

 If you have yet to watch it, and are interested in a video of an unboxing of the Bandai Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 model kit, and a detailed look at the sprues included in the kit, then please check out Part 1 of 3 of the Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 YouTube series (see below).

 Meanwhile, the following video chronicles the assembly of the Evangelion itself sans its weapons and accessories. In Part 2 of 3 of the Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 YouTube series (see below), I look at individual sub-assemblies in detail and point out the work I had done on them. Then I proceed to put these sub-assemblies (head/torso/limbs) together in the final phase of assembly.

 Last but not least, in Part 3 of 3 of the Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 YouTube video series (see below) we take a look at the pallet rifle, the progressive knives, the power plug and umbilical cable, as well as show a 360 degree view of the Evangelion with its weapons.

 By next week I should've finished editing the final photographs I took of the Evangelion Unit-00 in a myriad of poses with and without its weapons/accessories.That should also be the last blog update of the Real Grade Evangelion Unit-00 project, opening a slot for a new project to fill. Until we meet again next week it's time for me to sign off and bid you no evil. Stay safe, be well, be happy.


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  1. Great work Kuan ! Looking forward to your next post to see the final result.

    1. Thank you Mario ... but I always feel like a cheat with any OOB build as I feel I haven't done any 'real' work at all, the minimal work nothwithstanding.

  2. Replies
    1. That's all due to the quality of Bandai's Real Grade kits ... all I did in this particular project is to panel line certain areas and apply selected sticker/decals.

  3. What a cool project and what a hell of a work! I love it!

    1. Thank you Suber ... It's not as much work as it looks, and that's the beauty of these Real Grade kits.

  4. Very precise painting as always, Kuan! Love the color combination.

    1. This is so embarrassing for me ... I barely did any work on this kit other than some panel lining and sticker/decal application. This shows how good these Real Grade kits are though. Thank you though for liking this project.


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