Saturday, 17 October 2020

Star Wars Scout Trooper [WIP: Upper Limbs comprising Shoulders, Forearms, Elbows, Arms, & Hands]

 One slow step at a time. Perhaps not a good analogy when one notes this post is all about the shoulders, forearms, elbows, arms and hands of the Scout Trooper. But you get the idea. At this stage of the build, the 1/12 scale figurine is almost complete save for the Blaster Pistol that once completed will be placed into a holster located on the right boot. While there is a base for use solely with the figurine (as opposed to another one that'll display both the Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike), I don't intend to work on the former and will use it only as a temporary display stand. The latter, bigger base will be worked on together with the Speeder Bike at a later date. For now lets look at the upper limbs.

Bandai Star Wars 1/12 scale Scout Trooper upper limbs [Completed]

Articulation at the elbows allowed for the upper limbs to bend up to 90 degrees 

 If one were to look closely at the black colored areas of the right upper limb and compare it with the left one, you would not be amiss to note that the former looks somewhat glossier than the latter. This was a misstep on my part as I had forgotten to coat the right upper limb with a flat clear coat, which I had done with the left one. It's a minor issue which will be rectified by the next post.

Individual parts as well as sub-assemblies that make up the Right Upper Limb

Black colored parts fully assembled into their respective sub-assemblies

White armor plates were then attached onto the black colored sub-assemblies

Right Upper Limb: Shoulders, Forearms, Elbows, Arms, and Hands [Completed]

 Unlike the lower limbs which could be clearly differentiated by the existence of a Blaster Pistol holster on the right boot, there isn't really anything that aesthetically separates both upper limbs. Essentially, the right and left upper limb are just mirror images of each other.

Individual parts as well as sub-assemblies that make up the Left Upper Limb

While the non-armored areas were painted in black and given a flat clear coat ...

... the white armor pieces were kept in their original molded plastic state except for metal sections

Left Upper Limb: Shoulders, Forearms, Elbows, Arms, and Hands [Completed]

 So at this late stage of the build, the Upper Half of the Scout Trooper stands ready to be assembled. Once that's done and dusted, both the upper and lower halves will be combined. Then together with the Blaster Pistol which I've yet to start work on, the Scout Trooper can finally be tagged as fully complete. Not the whole project of course because a completion of that magnitude involves a vignette comprising also of the Speeder Bike and a 1/12 scale female figurine. All of them will eventually end up as a part of my "Join the Empire" project series. On that note, I hope you will join me (groan) next week as I make more progress on the Scout Trooper. Until then, stay safe and be well.


  1. I agree with Phil. Nice progress !

  2. Very nice - I like articulated parts - of course, usually only possible on large scale models like this one.

    1. So true. Some smaller minis can be "forced" to have a certain degree of articulation using magnets but the not to the extent to the larger scale kits.

  3. This is coming along nicely! Are you considering getting those new mcfarlane 40k "minis" that you can get blank to paint? I think they would be right up your ally and you would do a stellar job on them!

    1. Thanks Zab! Wow, those McFarlane 40K figurines look really cool and you're right in that I would love to work on them. But I think for the foreseeable future, the hobby budget is going to be severely compromised. The pandemic has hit the family hard ... at one point the family had no income going forward ... but luckily the missus, who had earlier been let go by her employer as part of the pandemic downsizing exercise, got her job back thanks to a France-based boss who fought to reverse the earlier decision to let her go. This pandemic has hit millions hard but what galls me is that politicians here are making things worse and being arrogant about it. Sigh.

    2. add it to the wish list. That what i have been doing. if it still there when i have the funds it was meant to be if not? oh well, not meant. We have been hit here too, but i switched to a new career before the pandemic and its always busy. This too shall pass. It will take time. Be safe and do what you have to. At one point i was on government assistance, going to school and working part time as an amazon delivery person to make it. lol. Just keep going.


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