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Band Mono 1/12 Scale Instrument Models by F-Toys [Unboxing & Review Post plus Videos]

With a lot of my plastic and resin figurine projects - future and present - being in 1/12 scale, I decided to get some accessories in the same scale in order to jazz up the photo shoots. And being a huge fan of music played a part in my choice of accessories. There are, of course, plans to add more variety to my collection of 1/12 scale accessories (e.g. school furniture). But for now here's an unboxing and review post plus videos of the Band Mono 1/12 Scale Instrument Models by F-Toys confect.

Unboxing and review of the Band Mono 1/12 Scale Musical Instrument Models

These 1/12 scale instrument models come only in a set of 10, at least they do if you are purchasing them online. As far as I can tell they are available only from sources in Japan. The Band Mono instrument models are actually shokugan, which is a Japanese term for small toys that are sold with food. It seems shokugan can be found in the snack corner of supermarkets in Japan where sets of both a toy and a snack are sold in small boxes. My set was purchased from HobbyLink Japan.

Band Mono 1/12 Scale Musical Instrument Models by F-toys confect
Packaging of the Band Mono 1/12 Scale Musical Instrument Models ...
... which comes in a set of 10 instrument models

Each shokugan toy is packaged inside its own vividly colored box and as mentioned earlier there are a total of 10 boxes in one set. In the case of Band Mono, the food included looks like a breath mint. My guess is the food was included only so that these small toys could be sold in supermarkets which presumably has a wider distribution network in Japan. Also included in each individual box of the Band Mono shokugan is a 1/12 scale musical instrument, its corresponding accessories such as stand and shoulder strap as well as a simple instruction booklet on how to set up the model. 

Each 1/12 scale musical instrument model is packaged in its own vividly colored box
Art work at the back of the box shows the eight 'guaranteed' models you'll receive in the set of 10
What you can expect inside the average box containing a scale instrument model

Inside this set of 10 instrument models, eight are guaranteed and they comprise two electric guitars, two electric bass guitars, two shoulder synthesizers and two speakers with amplifiers. So with this "8+2" formula you will get a decent enough variety of 1/12 scale instrument models. My personal preference was for the mystery two to be guitars. But what I got was a black and gold electric guitar and a red shoulder synthesizer. While I love the former, I'm not too thrilled with the latter.

Band Mono 1/12 scale instrument models: Electric guitars
Band Mono 1/12 scale instrument models: Electric bass guitars
Band Mono 1/12 scale instrument models: Electric guitar stand
Band Mono 1/12 scale instrument models: Shoulder synthesizers
Band Mono 1/12 scale instrument models: Speakers with amplifiers

Although technically these models are only toys, the details they exhibit are excellent and look simply beautiful. From the bodywork and strings on the guitars to the knobs on the speaker/amplifier to the cute synthesizers, there are enough intricate details on the instrument models to make them excellent accessories for any 1/12 scale figurine you are posing and taking photographs of. My only complaint is that they should've included a miniature drum set to complete a proper band set up.

All the 1/12 scale instrument models found in my particular Band Mono set

To better appreciate the Band Mono 1/12 Scale Musical Instrument Models by F-Toys confect, you might prefer to watch videos of the unboxing and review process. They come in three parts namely Part 1: Unboxing, Part 2: Assembly and Part 3: Conclusion (see below). As always, please visit my YouTube channel FourEyedMonster Miniatures and check out a variety of uploaded videos dealing with other unboxing and reviews, tutorials as well as 360 degree views of fully painted miniatures, model kits and figurines. And be sure to choose the high definition (HD) option for the best view.




Speaking of 1/12 scale projects, my progress on the atelier iT Race Queen has reached a self-imposed impasse. For you see, I've come to the conclusion that my budget airbrush just isn't going to cut it. It doesn't give me the range of control I need to create acceptable skin tone transitions between shadows, mid-tones and highlights on the contours of a miniature human body. So I'm temporarily halting proceedings until I get my hands on a better 0.2 mm airbrush which should be before end of this month. Until then, assembly of the MENG King Tiger gets underway and the Star Wars AT-ST base gets its finishing touches. There's that to look forward to as I bid you au revoir for now.


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    1. Seeing the guitars at such a small scale is just so cool :)

  2. Replies
    1. And they could potentially look better if some washes/panel lining is applied.

  3. I didn't know these existed. Cool!

    1. I agree ... there's something about miniaturized guitars that's so cool :)

  4. Replies
    1. Couldn't agree more ... I'm so glad I decided to get them.

  5. Wow, cool! Great scale models.


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