Saturday, 21 October 2017

Star Wars Snowspeeder [WIP - Snap fitting parts onto the upper hull and a final open-cockpit view]

Snap fitting the snowspeeder's power coupling/convertor, laser activator, air intake, repulsor systems onto the upper hull may be a simple enough task. But the life it breathes into the scale model is immense. At long last, the snowspeeder now looks like it should with the exception of a few missing parts. Yet to be attached are the snowspeeder's canopy, laser cannons and three out of four air brake flaps (one on the upper left wing and one below each wing). Still, the vehicle undeniably looks more like a snowspeeder now. Here then is one final open cockpit view of the almost finished snowpeeder.

Bandai Star Wars Snowspeeder work-in-progress: more parts attached and a final open-cockpit view

Following the previous update, the only new painted parts are the snowspeeder's lase cannons. That leaves the base as the only section of the scale model kit that remains unpainted. But as far as the snowspeeder itself is concerned, all its parts have been painted. They await final assembly (mostly snap fitting with some glue required at weaker joints) and of course the weathering effects process.

Laser cannons are the newest and final snowspeeder parts to be painted

As much as I prefer the view of an open cockpit - undoubtedly influenced by the many hours spent painting the pilots and cockpit area -it isn't much of an option for a snowspeeder that's suppose to be in mid-flight. So short of converting the snowspeeder into a grounded vehicle, that canopy is coming down on Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson. So this will essentially be their final photographic hurrah.

Snowspeeder sans canopy, laser cannons and air brake flaps
Hull generally still looks 'clean' because no weathering effects have been applied yet
Aft section of the snowspeeder looks bare because it's still missing most of its air brake flaps (and decals)
Wes Janson is the focal point of this shot; sadly he will soon be almost completely covered up by the canopy

Aside from the all to obvious canopy, also missing from the upper hull are three of the four air brake flaps found on the snowspeeder. The upper left air brake flap is already on the right wing, deployed in a closed position. All other flaps will be deployed in the open position to contribute to the narrative I'm trying to weave for the snowspeeder's final display position. This will become clearer in the final post in which I'm going to show the movie screenshots that my build version is based upon.

Loving how the snowspeeder looks even at this incomplete stage of its build
Side view of the unfinished snowspeeder in an open-cockpit configuration
Greens of Wedge Antilles' helmet add a dash of contrast to the whole colour scheme
In an open cockpit configuration, the eye is easily drawn towards the pilots
Noticeably absent from the snowspeeder's lower hull are its air brake flaps on both wings

I had actually forgotten completely about the laser cannons. It was only as I was about to post the latest progress update that I noticed the missing laser cannons ... d'oh! Luckily they didn't require much work and were ready in no time to be included in this second last post on the snowspeeder.

Closeup of the laser cannons; seen here after a basecoat, panel lining and washes
Differences in orange hues reflect lighter tones of the pilots' flight-suits versus darker for the hull stripes

Not much is left to really do before the Bandai Star Wars 1/48 scale Snowspeeder is finally completed. Putting together what's left of the unattached parts and painting of the base should be a quick affair. Only the weathering process could extend the date of its final reveal. But even that shouldn't take very long as the weathering will be fairly minimal.


  1. Stunning work and i can't wait to see the final weathered assembly. :)

    1. Thank you pulpcitizen ... weathering won't add much I'm guessing as I'm notoriously light-handed (too light-handed some say) with the weathering :)

  2. Great looking snowspeeder!
    Waiting for next steps :)

    1. Thanks Michał, not many steps left. Next post should be the completed Snowspeeder. :)

  3. Cor this is looking excellent dude.

    1. Thank you Simon! An tremendously ego-boosting comment. ^_^

  4. Great work Kuan ! I'm looking forward to the finished model !

    1. Me too ... ha ha ha. I want to start on a new project already :)

  5. I'm drooling over my keyboard as I see your work. Once again.

    1. Awww man, Suber you say the most nicest things. Thank you. :)


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