Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Star Wars Snowspeeder - Bandai 1/48 Scale Model Kit [Unboxing and Pre-Assembly Review]

To date, Bandai has produced two versions of the Star Wars Snowspeeder at 1/48 scale, namely the Luke Skywalker/Dak Ralter and Wedge Antilles/Wes Janson versions - both with their own hull and pilot decals. I had actually gotten two sets of the former way before the latter was released with the intention of freehand painting one of the sets to mimic Wedge's snowspeeder. That is, in essence,  what my Star Wars project will be all about. Having to proceed without the proper decals, I'll have to brush paint hull colours as well as pilot suit/helmet markings using freehand.   

Bandai Star Wars 1/48 scale Snowspeeder (Modified Incom T-47 Airspeeder)
Side boxart of the Bandai Star Wars Snowspeeder scale model kit

Bandai's diagram-based instructions have a reputation of being straightforward and easy to follow. Being of the snap-fit variety, assembly of the snowspeeder should be hassle-free and user friendly especially to beginners. Based on past experience and a cursory glance of the snowspeeder instructions, I expect this to be the case again and look forward to an easy build. 

Snowspeeder instructions was a combination of colour depicting decal markings and ...
... black and white diagrammatic pictures for the assembly instructions

Sprues contain parts which are highly detailed. As a Star Wars fan, I'm delighted at the near- to spot on- movie accurateness of the various parts making up the whole. From the cockpit interior to the outer hull, this model kit has the potential to be a fantastic build thus providing a solid base for paint. To name just a few examples: the cockpit interior on Sprue A, the hull grooves and lining on Sprue B, the repulsor innards on Sprue C1, the pilots on Sprue C2, etc. all have fantastic details at this scale. 

Sprue A: Cockpit canopy (clear) and interior, power generator, cooling fins, tow cable, etc.
Sprue B: Upper and lower hull, landing gear, etc.
Sprue C1: Repulsors, cockpit canopy, etc.
Sprue C2: Base, pilots, etc.
Sprue SWB1: Laser shots in transparent plastic

Decals provided with this set are meant for a Luke Skywalker/Dak Ralter snowspeeder build. For this particular project I'm undertaking they are almost completely useless to me. Except for a few decal markings such as the small ZZ symbols and a few others, the rest won't be used. Instead I'll be freehand painting the cockpit interior, hull markings and pilots. It'll be good to flex those small scale painting muscles again as it has been some time since I really used them.

Bandai water decals for a Luke Skywalker version of the Snowspeeder
Sticker equivalents for a Luke Skywalker version of the Snowspeeder

So another Star Wars project looks set to take off, pun unintended. In addition to allowing me the pleasure of painting miniature figures again (specifically 1/48 scale Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson), this sci-fi vehicle undertaking will also allow me to practice yet more weathering effects albeit a few steps back in terms of level of decay. For the modified Incom T-47 Airspeeder, the weathering effects will be more of the operational wear-and-tear variety. Much to do I have, and I can't wait to get going.




  1. Sweet looking kit. I have a soft spot for these as it was the only Rebel vehicle I owned as a kid.

    1. Nice! My parents never could afford any Star Wars toys for me. Understandable as they were crazy expensive those days and the family budget was stretched super thin as it is. But I'm more than making up for it in my old age LOL :)

  2. Great report & interesting model. I'm looking forward to see some painting :)

    1. Thank you Mario, I hope you will like what I do with this model kit in the coming weeks. :)

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing you put this one together.

    1. Thank you Michael. :) I'm going for the Wedge Antilles/Wes Janson version as frankly I could do with some bright orange colours after the dull rusted hues of Nurgle.

  4. Fantastic inboxing :) Cant wait for more :)

  5. Hmmm, new project. tasty! Looking forward to more!

    1. Thank you Suber! Having missed out on Star Wars toys in my childhood, I'm certainly going crazy with them in my old age ... ha ha ha ^_^

  6. Another one to watch with interest. :)


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