Saturday, 1 October 2016

Game of Thrones Bronn (WIP - Leather, Metal and Grass) aka 54 mm Nocturna Models The Crusader

Stage two of my Game of Thrones proxy project of Bronn the sellsword was all about painting the smaller sections of the miniature. This involved working on bits and pieces such as Bronn's leather belt and boots, scabbard, sword as well as base. Imagine them, if you will, as the less glamorous pieces of the puzzle. But equally important pieces nonetheless as I frequently need to remind myself. 

Nocturna Models 54 mm The Crusader: work-in-progress as Bronn the sellsword
Stage two involved painting Bronn's belt, boots, scabbard, sword and the base
Reddish hues are complementary to green hence the dry brushed grass on the base

One bad habit I'm trying to get rid off is the tendency to rush through the painting process of such parts of a miniature. It seems silly to spent hours upon hours to perfect certain parts of the figurine (e.g. skin tone or clothing) only to rush through others (e.g. belts seem to be prime candidates) but that's what I sometimes tend to do. While I've largely curbed this unwanted tendency, it still tends to resurface once in a while if I'm not careful. For Bronn, I made the painting of the bits and pieces more interesting mainly by trying out new colour schemes for leather using Vallejo acrylics.    

Scabbard was painted and glued to figurine
Back view of the work-in-progress Nocturna Models 54 mm The Crusader
Bottom right buttock/lower thigh area is ripe for a free hand painting of the Lannister lion symbol

Although Bronn's bits and pieces should be considered finished, that's not entirely true especially for his sword and base. Both can be improved upon - by adding dirt/blood on the former and a patch of artificial grass on the latter. I'm not entirely sold on the paint effects for the sword but will likely go ahead with the artificial grass as it would add soft realism (for want of a better word) to the piece.

Put a ring on it ... no, not ala Beyonce ... more like Lannister gold on his finger 
Absence of skin tone sticks out like a sore thumb at the moment
Bronn's sword - nothing too fancy, bare steel with no Lannister gold in sight (for now)

So what's next for Bronn? Only the second most important stage of this particular miniature's painting process namely a freehand painting of the House Lannister heraldry on Bronn's armour. (The most important being Bronn's skin tone.) This stage actually sparks off a freehand painting binge involving all my Game of Thrones pieces currently on the work table. More of that in the coming posts. For now, thanks for reading my blog and have yourself a great weekend.


  1. Another great proxy and a wonderful start, looking forward to the next stage.

    1. Thanks Michael ... he looks a bit boring now but the important parts are yet to be painted.

  2. It's certainly looking great so far! I know what you mean about the rush issue, hehe, I suffer exactly of the same condition. Only that I tend to rush all over the whole process (Ouch) :D

    1. Thanks! :) Ha ha ha ... no you don't Suber. You're being too hard on yourself :) I think your stuff look great!

  3. Good progress! How do you find Vallejo for the leather shades?

    1. I just used whatever browns I had on hand that I thought kinda looked like leather. Not really a good thing to do I know. I've been eyeing their Wood & Leather paint set but budget constraints means I will have to save up quite a bit before getting that one.


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