Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Funko Pop! Rides - Daenerys & Drogon [Review]

As anyone on a tight budget can tell you, buying a collectible figure is a constant psychological tug-of-war between want and need. A verbal joust within one's mind if you will, yo-yoing from extremes of You've got to have this to No, you don't. Now the missus and I have always wanted a Funko Pop! vinyl figurine. But we never could justify paying for these rather expensive collectibles. That, however, was before we laid eyes on Funko Pop! Rides #15 featuring Daenerys and Drogon. Being fans of the Game of Thrones series, we fell in love with it instantly and just had to have it. 

Funko Pop! Rides #15 - Daenerys & Drogon
Packaging is  adequately protects the vinyl figurines inside

Neither Daenerys nor Drogon are bobbleheads which made the Funko Pop! vinyl figurines so appealing to us in the first place. In spite of that, the uniqueness of this piece makes it a worthwhile addition to our collection - the first Funko Pop! figurine of any kind we've had the pleasure to own.    

Daenerys Targaryen looks really cute in the Funko Pop! Rides series
Daenerys's hair has superb details, almost begging to be repainted

In this set, Daenerys is an uber cute vinyl figure with exquisite details on her hair and a simple yet elegant colour scheme of yellow, white, flesh, black and grey. Drogon was equally impressively in detail and in how it was sculpted, more so than its stand-alone bobblehead version. And while Drogon has a dull red, black and white colour scheme, it suits the 'menacing' pose he has. It's great how the sculptors/designers managed to make Drogon look cute and fierce at the same time.      

Drogon in formidable Funko Pop! vinyl form
Drogon's skin is wonderfully textured to show dragon scales ...
... and the rest of him ain't too bad either

As tempted as I am to repaint the whole collectible I'm not gonna tempt fate and mess up the missus's valuable collectible piece. This one is more hers than mine and it already looks cute the way it is.

Angled overhead view of Drogon
Same angled overhead view after a 180 degree turn
A rotatable joint on Daenerys's neck which allows her head to be turned for posing purposes is the only movable part on both figures. In a way, having the rotatable joint makes much more sense than making this vinyl version of Daenerys a bobblehead. It allows for better poses when being displayed.

A rotatable joint at Daenery's neck is the only moving part of the vinyl figurine set

On the whole, this Funko Pop! Rides combo figurine set is an excellent collectible piece. Not only do they have the usual cute charm that the product line is famous for, they also have that little bit extra that I don't usually see in the vinyl figurines. I can't quite put my finger on it other than to say perhaps they both pose well together in a dynamic way that exudes cuteness in a semi-menacing kind of way.

Funko Pop! Rides Daenerys & Drogon unboxed
All men must die, but we are not men
Back view of the Funko Pop! Rides Daenerys & Drogon

Against a blue background, both Daenerys and Drogon look a bit more toy-like but the contrast gives a clearer view of the latter's details. Personally, I prefer this figurine set against a black background.

Daenerys and Drogon pictured here against a blue background

Would we contemplate adding more Funko Pop! figurines to our collection? Budget notwithstanding, it's very tempting. The missus has her eye on the Sansa Stark bobblehead while I kinda like the new Suicide Squad Harley Quinn version. For now, we're just really happy with our latest acquisition.


  1. The age old debate of collectors everywhere, but ultimate if it is something that enriches both your lives then why shouldn't you treat yourselves from time to time.

    1. So true, a little bit of happiness no matter how trivial can go a long way.

  2. Haha, I agree, and I also understand that internal struggle to buy a lot of stuff you cannot afford :D :D
    But hey, I can say you made quite a nice purchase, so cute that absolutely pays off! So cool!!

    1. Heh heh ... you're right. She looks so darn cute in this version of Daenerys by Funko Pop!

  3. Kawaiiii !! XD

    This goodie is very very nice my Dear FeM... But I prefer your paintjob ^^



    1. You are so kind to say so Morikun. Thank you. ^_^

  4. I have the same problem, but we need something new sometimes!

    1. Very true Luca. That's why we miniature painters will never finish collecting new stuff to paint.

  5. Now that's something different!


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