Monday, 4 July 2016

Resuming work on my Game of Thrones project with plans for Bronn, Myrcella, House Mormont and Martell

After a 30-episode Game of Thrones marathon viewing session spanning Seasons Four through Six with the missus (she's a huge fan), it's hard not to get inspired again with ideas for new painting projects as well as a fresh take on existing ones. First up is the Nocturna Models 54-mm Crusader resin miniature which I, one time or another, had toyed with the idea of painting as either Prince Oberyn Martell, Daario Naharis or Ser Jamie Lannister. None of them seem right until it suddenly hit me. Why not Ser Bronn, a skilled and dangerous lowborn sellsword. Granted the miniature's facial features aren't an exact match to Bronn but it still comes pretty darn close all things considered.   

Knight Models 54-mm The Crusader resin miniature has a face that looks a lot like Bronn
While not a doppelganger for Bronn, The Crusader does look very similar to the sellsword
Back of The Crusader's head doesn't have Bronn's semi-long locks but it'll do

Clothing while true to the medieval period, isn't remotely close to what Bronn wore in the series. However, that's not going to be an issue for me so long as I can recreate the colour scheme of one of Bronn's many in-show costumes. As to which one, I've no idea at the present moment. I guess it would partly depend on what acrylic colours I have in hand as my paint collection is still incomplete.

Nocturna Models 54-mm The Crusader resin miniature primed for paint (front view)
Nocturna Models 54-mm The Crusader resin miniature primed for paint (back view)

Meanwhile for my Knights of Westeros project, I'm contemplating another completely new faction to add to the series. Currently I've already completed knights/warhorses from the noble/vassal houses Lannister, Clegane, Arryn, Baratheon (Renly). Why House Mormont? For one reason and one reason alone - Lady Lyanna Mormont. She was hand's down my favourite character of Season Six. Played by 12-year-old Bella Ramsey, Lady Lyanna stole every scene she was in (Episodes 7 and 10). Her character is an example of how daughters should be raised: strong willed, confident and brave.

Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark
House Mormont remembers. The North remembers

Speaking of knights, I'm still stuck with House Martell's Knight of Dorne. I was initially going to paint House Martell's symbol on the warhorse's caparison, having already done that to the knight's shield. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that House Martell's symbol was just too boring to be placed on the warhorse's caparison. In my opinion, one dull House Martell symbol was about all that the miniature could take. To retain the warhorse's dynamism, I intend to paint silhouette designs of snakes to represent the Sand Snakes of Dorne instead. Like Bronn's costume, I haven't a clue as to which design I should use. In the end, it will likely boil down to the one I can paint freehand.

House Martell warhorse minus the Knight of Dorne
Some of the shortlisted snake designs for the House Martell warhorse

Then there is an existing half-finished Dark Sword Miniatures's Female Mage on Stairs which I have been trying get inspiration to continue painting. She came in the form of Princess Myrcella as she was depicted in Game of Thrones Season Six. So going forward, I hope to incorporate some bluish greens and light golden yellows to the miniature's overall colour scheme. Of all the Game of Thrones projects on my worktable, Myrcella is perhaps the one most likely to see progress in the coming weeks followed hopefully by the Knight of Dorne and Bronn with House Mormont still a ways to go.

Dark Sword Miniatures Female Mage on the Stairs who will be a proxy for Myrcella Baratheon
Princess Myrcella in a pink dress
Princess Myrcella in her last ever gown (left) and in House Martell colours (right)

It feels like the gloomy clouds have parted and a ray of sunshine has broken through to lift the melancholy that has shrouded my creative figure painting process. Without a doubt my Bandai Star Wars projects will still continue to grow but at least now I have equal enthusiasm for my Game of Thrones proxy miniature figurines. Fantasy is indeed the perfect foil for Science Fiction. As Lady Lyanna would say, I think we've had enough small talk. Onward we go towards the latest painting progress photos. But that's in the next post. Valar Morghulis! So get cracking on your own projects.


  1. What a splendid project, love the horse and Myrcella Baratheon...

    1. Thanks Phil ... Myrcella is going to be a much welcome diversion from all that black I have been working on with Vader.

  2. Great project, waiting for more!

  3. Hmmm, tasty pics! I interpreted that Nocturna model as Liam Neeson in 'Kingdom of Heaven', but I must say you have a valid point about Bronn. Looking forward to seeing your work!!

    1. Hey, you are not too far off with the Liam Neeson correlation. :) Nice call. But I guess GoT-wise he looks like Bronn the most. ^_^

  4. What lovely model you have on the go, that orange is running by the way!

    1. I can only hope the freehand I paint on the horse's caparison doesn't ruin everything. O_O

  5. There's a lot happening on your paint-table. That orange really jumped out at me too. Striking color.

    1. Thanks! The green grass kinda helps I guess.


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