Saturday, 14 February 2015

Knight Models The Hulk [WIP - Denim Jeans]

On my third attempt at painting a denim texture, I finally managed to get fairly close to the specific shade of blue on my favourite pair of jeans. My previous two attempts, namely on the Knight Models Logan and Last Night on Earth Hikaru Sulu remake, had turned out too dark. This time around, the difference lay in the amount of blue wash used as less-to-none was applied on The Hulk's jeans during the latter stages. At this point in time, the Knight Models miniature is about 65% complete. 

Knight Models The Hulk, work-in-progress on denim jeans
In this instance, The Hulk has on blue jeans instead of his trademark purple pants
A question long contemplated by philosophers throughout the ages, why doesn't his pants rip apart?

Although The Hulk is usually clothed in bright purple pants in the movies and comics, I was never a fan of this particular feature of his. For me, The Hulk looks much better in blue denim jeans. Funnily enough, the one thing that makes The Hulk unbelievable as a comic book hero, to me anyway, is the fact that his pants doesn't rip apart when Bruce Banner morphs into the green monster. That being said, I finally loved how The Hulk was portrayed in a movie when The Avengers hit the screens. At last, they managed to bring him to life in a realistic manner and mould him into a likeable character.

Back view of The Hulk, work-in-progress on denim jeans
Brightest highlights was reserved for the creases and torn edges 
With his pants intact, I guess gamma rays doesn't affect his pelvic area

To paint the denim jean's texture, I mainly used Citadel acrylic paints and its blue wash. I found that a combination of Mordian Blue, Regal Blue, Shadow Grey, Russ Grey paints and the Asurmen Blue wash gives me the necessary tools to recreate the denim texture. I suppose Fenrisian Grey could be added if you want to make the jeans a lighter shade of blue. Conversely, if you prefer a darker blue on your jeans, then you should be more liberal with your use of the blue wash in the latter stages.     

Jeans were painted using various blue/blue-grey Citadel paints and a blue wash
Any denim clothing company tagging their brand onto The Hulk's pants in future Marvel movies could see an upturn in sales
Some light crisscross patterns was painted on the jeans to simulate denim texture 

Possible improvements I could make in future attempts at painting denim texture would be to try painting finer crisscross patterns on the jeans. A higher level of patience will be needed for that - a trait I frequently lose a grip on when working too long without a break. When mistakes start piling up, that's usually a sign for us painters to take a step back and walk away before more harm is done.  

Hmm ... I wonder what happened to the jean's belt loops
Crisscross lines could have been finer, something I need to work on for future attempts at denim texture
Jeans was well sculpted in my humble opinion

All that is left to do for this Knight Models miniature is the base, boulder, hair, eyes and mouth. Not sure what I can do to make the first two 'exciting' while the last three items could make or break the entire piece's 'believability'. Lighting for the photos above were actually a tad on the dark side because I had used a higher F-Stop value when shooting with my DSLR camera - a loss in light in exchange for higher depth of field. Hopefully I will have that sorted out in the next set of photos. Until then, thanks for keeping track of my progress on The Hulk and have a great weekend.


  1. WOW! Those jeans are soooooooo good!

  2. Looks fantastic & very lifelike ! Great job !

  3. Oh my! You nailed it! Most realistic jeans I can recall! Wow!!!

    1. You are much too kind Suber, thank you nonetheless. :)

  4. Amazing job. They look real dude.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks luca, I am getting slightly better at painting denim.

  6. Wow. Pretty darned spectacular.

  7. Wow Stunning work on hulk so far

    1. Thanks HW ... The Hulk is a difficult piece to get right so I am happy you like it so far.


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