Saturday, 3 January 2015

Nocturna Models Enchantment [WIP - Adding neutral colours and expanding soft colours on the clothes]

Work on my Game of Thrones interpretation of the Nocturna Models Enchantment 70-mm resin miniature is proceeding at a painstakingly slow pace with the addition of a neutral colour and expansion of the soft colours to strategic locations in her clothing. But I wouldn't want it any other way because each step I take has a reason and also sets the tone for the subsequent layers of paint. While contrast in the lightly coloured clothing has been intentionally kept low, darker shadows and brighter highlights are still in the works (if needed) once her skin tone and dragon have been painted. 

Nocturna Models Enchantmet, work-in-progress with the colour scheme for her clothing slowing taking shape
A neutral greyish/greenish brown was added to complement the soft colours
Soft colours were expanded to the rest of her clothing at strategic locations

Addition of the greyish/greenish brown neutral colour served a two-fold purpose. Firstly, I felt that it added a bit of 'grit and determination' to balance out the largely pastel colours which are meant to portray the more feminine and soft side of Daenerys Targaryen, the character I am basing this paint job on. In my interpretation, the greyish/greenish brown hues symbolizes the barren and dry areas that Daenerys finds herself in while she is transitioning from a powerless pawn into the Khaleesi and a powerful leader in her own right. It's a dichotomy alluding to her strength as well as compassion.   

Light turquoise hues were applied on her head gear
Pinks hues were added to straps around both arms
Green hues expanded upwards to the neck and downward to the knees (not visible here)

Meanwhile, I finally decided which soft pastel colours went where on the rest of her clothing - light turquoise on her headgear; more pink on the straps of both her arms; and green on the neck lace thingy as well as skull icons at the knees. Overall, both the green and neutral colours were spread to the top, middle and bottom portions of the miniature. Turquoise is found on top and middle portions while pink is on the middle and bottom portions. Clothing accessories remain unpainted for now. 

If required, additional contrast on her clothes will be added once the dragon and her skin have been painted
Light colours on her clothing ensures focus will inadvertently shift to the dragon and her skin/face
A range of acrylic paints used for the neutral colours

Taken in isolation, the existing low contrast and light pastel colour scheme admittedly looks dull. But I am looking at things two to three steps ahead when the skin, dragon and clothing accessories have been painted. Hopefully by then, things will make more sense to the viewer. It's actually something I have learned the hard way. Early on in this hobby, I tended to over-correct myself in the initial stages of painting only to redo the original scheme once the other parts have been painted in. The way each colour is viewed changes when another is placed next to it - something to keep in mind as you paint. Well that's it for my first post of the year. And here's wishing you a very good year ahead!


  1. Replies
    1. She is definitely one of most unique miniatures I have ever seen.

  2. Happy new year! It's always good to see these type of progress shots. It helps show that patience and prep pays massive dividends in the end!

    1. Yeah, I wish more bloggers would do it. I have learned a lot reading WIP blogs of fellow miniature painters as it gives me valuable insight into the way some very talented painters think and approach their work.

  3. She's coming along beautifully dude! Happy New Year too!

  4. really good progress, happy new year!

  5. I like this pastel colors ! Cheers .

  6. Cannot get bored of admiring the wonderful work you are doing on this one :O

    1. You are so kind Suber ... thank you for the encouraging comments!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Moiterei. Hopefully I can improve on it in the weeks to come.


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