Friday, 6 June 2014

Ax Faction Victorian Darling [WIP - Hair plus preliminary work on clothes and weapon]

After a fair bit of contemplation on how I was going paint my chosen colour scheme on the 32-mm Ax Faction Victorian Darling aka Kraken Hunter, I realised I had to make some modifications or risk having the miniature look extremely dull. Her well detailed corset and skirt cried out to be painted any colour but white so I went with a greyish blue scheme instead. To stay partially true to my initial intentions, I painted her vest white and even then I face temptation to repaint it in teal. So instead of being predominantly white as per the original colour scheme, her clothes will now mainly be in blue.

Ax Faction Victorian Darling aka Kraken Hunter, work-in-progress on her hair, weapon and clothes

Meanwhile, I had very nearly chickened out and reverted to type when painting the Victorian Darling's hair. But my sense of adventure prevailed and I ditched natural hair colours for a very nontraditional bright sky blue. This means I am still staying partly true to anime character Squid Girl (protagonist in Shinryaku! Ika Musume) in terms of her overall colour scheme (especially her hair).

Pastel orange trimmings were added to heighten contrast in a predominantly blue colour scheme
Leaning towards a teal/turquoise-blue combo for the Victorian Darling's boots

To 'heighten' the blues in the Kraken Hunter's clothes, I added orange trimmings. This isn't rocket science but just a simple use of complementary colours. Also to add contrast, I painted the weapon shaft a very dark neutral brown. Not shown here is her holstered pistol which has yet to be painted.

Victorian Darling's hair was painted a very nontraditional sky blue

Currently, the Victorian Darling's vest in painted white and will remain so unless I have a change of heart and paint it teal or turquoise, which incidentally are the colours I plan to paint her boots. Certain parts of her corset (upper chest area) were painted as sheer fabric to make her more risque.

Her vest remains white ... for now
Weapon shaft was painted dark brown to set it apart from the largely pastel-coloured clothes

The more I work on the Victorian Darling aka Kraken Hunter, the more impressed I am by the amount of details sculpted into this Ax Faction miniature. Other than looking good, such details also provide added impetus for me to improve my painting skills. That surely can only be a good thing.


  1. Looks good - the blues on the corset work really well. I wonder if it's possible and how can you achieve the all in white good looking figure, it might be an exercise worth trying :)

    1. Painting something predominantly white and making it look good is unfortunately not something I have the skills for ... yet. But I agree, it's something worth trying cause if we pull it off it would be well worth it. :)

  2. This blue is very very great !!

    Keep going on my Dear FEM ^^


  3. Great paint and model ! I'm enjoy to see the final work .Cheers .

  4. very good progress, i'm waiting for more!

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colours you choose. I'm sure the final work will be amazing :)

    1. Awww shucks, you are too kind ... but please continue XD ... but in all seriousness, thanks for the supportive comments.

    2. LOL!
      You should know I would not write something I don't think ;) and, anyway, I love blue ;)

  6. Oh wow! That's looking seriously impressive.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Zab ... hope it ends well too.


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