Friday, 14 February 2014

A wildling and the next noble house of Westeros [WIP]

While I try to figure out a realistic way to paint blood splatter on Ser Gregor Clegane - a Nocturna Models paint job conversion I am currently working on - I kept the momentum going on my Game of Thrones project by working on two new paint job conversions namely Ygritte using an Ax Faction's Giant Hunter and a knight of another noble house of Westeros using a Bretonnian knight.

Ygritte, a free folk of Westeros as played by Rose Leslie

As I didn't quite like the official Dark Sword Miniatures sculpted figure of Ygritte and also owing to a very tight personal budget, I had a look at the existing miniatures in my collection and settled for the Ax Faction Giant Hunter aka Raen of Rannoch as my Ygritte. Granted Raen didn't have what would constitute standard wildling weaponry and clothing, but she had other compelling similarities. For one, Raen was clothed partly in furs and had long wavy hair. She also stands on an icy base which had a footprint of a giant, mythical creatures that form part of the wildling army.    

Paint job conversion of Ax Faction's Giant Hunter into Ygritte (WIP, front)

I was tempted to remodel the sword to look like Jon Snow's Longclaw but had a change of heart at the last minute as I liked the unique look of the Ax Faction sword. So now, it's a prize sword she took off a brother in black. As for Raen's skimpy clothes, well if Ygritte can frolic in the snow with Jon ...

Paint job conversion of Ax Faction's Giant Hunter into Ygritte (WIP, back)

Lack of proper snow-like basing material substitute meant I had to paint the snow as it is sculpted on the base. Not sure what I can do paint-wise to improve on the snowy look as using washes on a white paint layer can quickly ruin it, which I discovered to my dismay in the first few attempts.

Snow on base was painted partly by referencing this picture
Base of Ax Faction's Giant Hunter (WIP)

Meanwhile, I have decided on the next noble house of Westeros to paint. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then you will be able to easily tell which house by looking at the pictures below. Can you guess which noble house it's going to be?

Can you guess which noble house is next?
If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones books, this is a huge giveaway

Well that's it for this blog post. Now I have to get back to figuring out Ser Gregor's blood splatter!


  1. Very nice start! The blue will play nicely with her red hair...

    1. I love painting greyish-blue colours as well as red hair, one of the reasons why I chose to paint the Ax Faction Giant Hunter based on Ygritte's colour scheme. XD

  2. Great figurine , i'm looking forward the progression .

    1. I like working on Ax Faction miniatures because of their beautifully sculpted small details. ^^

  3. Love this character in Game of Thrones...You've done a great start with this beautiful figure, she's really nice with her huge sword!

    1. Thanks Phil ^^ ... yeah I really liked the way the sword was sculpted too and that was why I couldn't bring myself to remodel it to look like Jon Snow's sword.


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