Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nocturna Models Crusader XIII C [WIP - Face]

Work finally resumed for my paint job conversion of Nocturna Models Crusader XIII C. into Ser Gregor of the Game of Thrones House Clegane. Leaving the rest of the miniature at the basecoat stage, I proceeded to paint the face to near completion by going with a weather-beaten or tanned look. For this purpose, I used a mixture or Reaper and Citadel flesh acrylic colours.      

Nocturna Models Crusader XIII C. as a proxy for Ser Gregor Clegane

As my painting style gravitates towards a minimalist approach, I am always trying to get the job done with as little colours as I can get away with. Although I am fairly satisfied with the skin tone I have achieved for the face, I will likely do additional work on the beard to give it a more contrast as well as an aged look. I am guessing this might involve a wash and perhaps some grey or white highlights. A final decision will be made after I have completed painting the greyish-blue cloak on Ser Gregor.

For the face, I tried to achieve a weather-beaten or tanned look

I was sorely tempted to paint some hair on his scalp to simulate the hairstyle that you would find on a fresh army recruit otherwise known as a buzz haircut. Though I might still do this, it is highly unlikely as I feel that I neither have sufficient painting skills nor the brush control to pull it off.

Do I look macho without my hair?

After I have finished painting the rest of the miniature, I may perhaps have to revisit the face and add more colours to it to enhance the contrast and depth, especially to the beard as mentioned earlier.

Back view of Ser Gregor's head

Painting the face of the Nocturna Models Crusader XIII C miniature was made easier by the fact that it was extremely well sculpted. So much so that the face practically paints it self. Well, that's my progress so far on this Ser Gregor Clegane paint job conversion. Thanks for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Vincent. You are much too kind. ^^

  2. Dayum... that is one great lookin skin tone.! Wat color did u used to achieve this?

    1. Reaper acrylic colours have some really cool flesh skin tones. I love Reaper colours because they have a higher percentage of flow enhancers mixed into the paints which suits my personal style of painting.

  3. His face is amazing, beautiful work!

    1. Glad you liked it. ^^ Could have been better painted but I was happy with the flesh colours I got. =)


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