Sunday, 8 December 2013

Adapting House Baratheon heraldry for miniature form

Chosen as the next miniature in my Game of Thrones project purely for its colour scheme, Renly Baratheon has two main heraldry designs that can be painted freehand on the Bretonnian Knight conversion. One is a stag head while the other has a stag rearing up on its hindquarters. With some simple changes, both can be adapted to become freehand paintings on a miniature, more so for the latter design below as it contains a complicated drawing of the antlers.

House Baratheon heraldry [Renly version]

As with my previous two heraldry freehand paintings, the process began with  some large not-to-scale drawings to get a feel of what could or couldn't work. At the top of my to-do list was to find a simple way to depict the crown as well as antlers on the stag. Due to the scale of the Bretonnian knight, I settled for the simplest form I could the results of which you can see in the first two pictures below. The practice paintings are very rough in form and gives me an idea of what I need to do later in order to make the two stag designs stand out - at least in theory as I am still not sure if I can pull it off.

Early not-to-scale drawings to decide what could be done
More precise-to-scale drawings and rough paintings on a 12-mm by 15-mm shield

In preparation for the feehand painting of House Baratheon heraldry a la Renly's version, I painted the cloth on the warhorse in a slightly dark green look. As this was my first serious try at blending green acrylic colours (the ork skins I did previously were pathetic so they don't count), it resulted in a less than stellar result. What surprised me most was how chalky some of the greens were, an issue I was not expecting for the shades of green I was working with - from Orkhide Shade to Dark Angels Green to Snot Green to Scorpion Green and mixed colours in-between.

Mixing some different shades of green on the wet palette
House Baratheon [Renly version] warhorse sans heraldy (left side view)
House Baratheon [Renly version] warhorse sans heraldy (right side view)

So the next step will be the painting of Renly's heraldry, my toughest freehand challenge yet. 


  1. I love this Green in the dress of the horse .
    Cheers .

    1. Yep ... the greens of Renly's Baratheon are rather nice. Though I could have done better with the colour transitions, it's not a total fail considering I haven't done much wet blending with greens before. One for my own silver lining playbook. ^_^

  2. Excellent as always bro. When you going to come down to the new forge :)
    Would love to get some photo and painting tips from you br.

    1. Yeah ... I so need to drag my lazy arse off to the new forge especially on Fridays when Legio has its activities. ^^ As for the me giving painting tips, it would be like a Klingon (me) teaching Spock (you) how to mind meld. XD

  3. Very good colours !!! I'll wait for the result !! ^^

    (Do you noticed that I organize a contest ? Do you want a coolector mini ? If you win, I'll send you a Raphael pincel XD)


    1. Congrats on your blog reaching 60,000 visitors ... well deserved. I am so lazy when it comes to competitions ... ha ha ha ... ^^


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