Friday, 7 June 2013

Father & son project ... take two!

After more than a year of being ignored, the two Ork Boyz were taken from the shelf and dusted off for the resumption of a small father and son W40K painting project. Feeling bored during his school holidays, my son had asked if he could continue painting his Ork Boyz. So that meant putting all my other miniature projects temporarily on hold to help nurture his interest in miniature painting. In this project, I painted one of the Ork Boyz as a guide while my son painted the other.

Without a doubt, Darth Vader is the ultimate Geek Dad

If you are a fan you would have realised the cartoon image above is actually a humorous take of a classic line from the Star Wars movies. The image was taken from a book written by Jeffrey Brown called "Darth Vader and Son". I kinda regret not getting this book from a local bookstore when it was previously on sale. You can check out a review of the book on a Wired article titled Darth Vader and Son imagines the Sith Lord as a doting dad. The book's cover is shown below.

Darth Vader is the coolest geek dad a Jedi could hope for. If you ask me, Luke should have joined Lord Vader and ruled the galaxy as father and son. =)

Anyway, back to my mini geek-dad and son project involving two Ork Boyz. So with his interest rekindled, albeit briefly, both of us resumed painting our orks, which were at the basecoat stage. With fun being the project's main criteria, we didn't set out to paint the miniatures to a high standard. Both minis may not be table-top quality but it was enough that he was having fun slopping on paint.

Can you guess who painted which Ork?
Back view of the Ork Boyz

As you can see, the bases aren't done yet but they are going back in cold storage till, hopefully, he gets the painting bug again and we can resume take three of the project. But with any luck, it won't take another year before that happens. It is never good forcing kids to do something as they will just end up hating it so the Ork Boyz can wait. Hmmm what would Lord Vader have done?


  1. Hey!
    You've got some nice orks here! ))
    The one to the right looks lovely, hope you will catch up with your son some time in the future ;)

    1. Heh heh ... thanks for your nice comments. Important thing was that my son is starting to show more interest in painting miniatures. Will be nice to have someone paint all the orks. =)


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