Sunday, 20 January 2013

My First W40K Army List

With the arrow still firmly lodged in my knee ... to date I have played 72 hours of Skyrim ... I felt I had to do something to jump start my hobby progress. So with that in mind, I decided to compile my first ever Warhammer 40K army list. The list comes in at a whopping 2000 points. O_O

Main army comprises the Black Legion ...
... which is supported by a Word Bearers army
Legio Malaysia's ongoing Army Throwdown also served as a motivation to get off my lazy arse and compile the list. Due to logistic reasons I am currently unable to attend Legio's throwdown event. But at least I will try to assemble and paint my stuff as if I were taking part. Well, that's the plan anyway.

With just a cursory reading of the W40K gaming manual and Chaos Space Marine Codex thus far, I am sure the list is bound to contain noob mistakes but at least it's  a start. Being new, the list took me a couple of days to finalise. Not sure if this list is considered practical but they comprise most (if not all) of the models that I own. Other misc chaos minis that might see the light of day later include some daemon princes and a Nurgle-inclined army. However, that's a story for another day.

Again, not much hobbying was attempted over the last few weeks. Took out my word bearer shoulder pads and stared at them a bit. Does that count? Heh heh ... =(

Word Bearers metal shoulder pads for a Chaos Space Marines 10-man squad
Anyway, please feel free to comment on the list. Any advice would be welcome.


  1. Hey,

    Here are a few things to think about. It looks like you are gearing up for an assault army. They still work in 6th ed but you have to keep some things in mind.

    First, is the Helbrute is 100 now. The FAQ before last dropped the price. Also, the Helbrute isn't that good when you compare it to other things.

    Heldrakes with Baleflamers are over the top now. Metoric Decent is STR7 AP3 and then you can flame the squad you just vector striked.

    Add a dirge castor on the rhino. You are going want to charge with the Bezerkers and unless you end up 6" from the LR your going to get chewed up by overwatch. Have you considered marked CSM unit instead.

    The Dark Apostle seems out of place with the small cultist squads. I would bulk out each of those if you want to keep them.

    How are you going to handle large blobs? You will need to get the Forgefiend into position but what happens if he wasn't there? How are you going to handle aircraft?

    I would watch people throwing blobs at Abaddon's squad. I run two squads of 20 cultists. Sure his squad will eat their lunch but that is a long time (2 turns) that he will be out of the fight. I will have time to get into position with someone to counter him.

    Blood of kittens has a lot of good articles on CSM strategy to look at. I ran an Abaddon list to try somethings and he is a beast but you just have to be careful. I suggest if you have the models ready you should through down a few games. That way you can see how everything gels. One thing I know is Heldrakes with Baleflamers will make people hate you.

    1. Hiya Sean,

      Thanks for your comprehensive advice and suggestions on my list. Noted with the Helbrute and Dirge Caster for the Rhino ... will amend accordingly. I have 2 oblits that could take the Helbrute's place, would they be a better bet?

      Good point on handling aerial threats. Never really thought about that to be honest. From what you are saying I guess only the Forgefiend is the only counter I have. Hmmm ... I don't have any Heldrakes so I guess it's back to the books for me to figure out how to counter attacks from flying units.

      I will be sure to check out the Blood Kittens website ... thanks again for the advice! Cheers!

  2. not much comment to provide for list as I'm a noob gamer, but one question... how are you going to cut those shoulder pad?

    1. Most likely will cut them with a cheap wire cutter I have. Either that or with my bare hands i.e. imagining that I am ripping them apart with my lightning claws as I do so ... heh heh ... TMI I gather.

      By the way limp, any idea if Termies can counter attacks from flying units?

  3. By the way limp, any idea if Termies can counter attacks from flying units? <-- don't engage them in any way? =P

    Actually, for the moment, I think the best answer against flyer is still Aegis defense line with quad gun


    something cheap that can pour out alot of high strength firepower(strength 7 and above, maybe? Think 4 autocannon Havoc, they are dirt cheap, if you roll enuff dices you are bound to roll some sixes, then you need 5 to glance and 6 to penetrate, 1 out of 3 chance aint too bad in my book)

    or with your own Flyer,

    or alternatively, outright avoid/ignore your opponent's flyer.

    But take it with a pinch of salt, I'm really not that good with gaming aspect of the hobby, you should check with Alvin or LordAK or Joe or other Chaos gurus online for pointer


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