Friday, 21 December 2012

Star Trek Heaven

Whoa … a Star Trek Exhibition in Malaysia … how awesome is that. It was recently reported in the local papers that Star Trek is coming to Kuala Lumpur, and the official site also states that there will be some official miniatures on show. How awesomely cool is that. ^^

As a self-confessed “trekkie” – some prefer “trekker” but I couldn’t care less either way as I am unashamed of my love for all things Star Trek – I hope I am able to make the trip to the National Science Centre before year-end to have a look at the really cool exhibits.
Below are some pictures that were displayed on the official site.

I am in Star Trek heaven. Hmmm … wonder if there are any Ferengi models on display.


  1. Good man! I'll be checking this out as well

  2. Bummer though that cameras aren't allowed.

  3. When are you going? Am planning to go this coming Saturday, 29th. Jom pegi sekali. The more the merrier :)

  4. Hiya Khairul ... my plan is to go on Wednesday (26/12/2012). Me and the missus have taken leave just for the Star Trek exhibition, to beat the weekend and public holiday crowd. She is more of a Voyager fan than an overall Trekkie but still she was game for it. =) As for me, I love Deep Space Nine, heh heh, Quark rules! Sorry dude, won't be able to join you this Sat. Rain cheque ya! ^^

    Oh by the way ... I saw 2 Star Trek boardgames in Kinokuniya. One was Fleet Captains while the other was ST:Expeditions I think. You were looking for the former board game right? Just FYI.


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