Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ultramarine Terminator Squad

Well, I finally finished painting the Ultramarine Terminator Squad from Assault on Black Reach. It was meant as a mini-project to inject some variety into my painting schedule. But unfortunately it has taken more time than I intended and set me back on my Chaos and Ork army progress.

I tried using the simplest painting technique I could think off to finish painting the squad in the shortest time possible. Here's what I did.

1 Basecoat
For the basecoat I painted a thin-layer of Regal Blue for the main armour; Boltgun Metal for the metal bits; Chaos Black for the sword blade; Scorched Brown for the leather armour; Scab Red/Graveyard Earth for the Purity Seal; 1:1 mix of Scorched Brown:Shining Gold for the iron halo and bullets; Astronimican Grey for the white parts; and Bleached Bone for the skull.   

2 Wash
Badab Black wash was used on the armour/metal bits while Devlan Mud was applied on the skull.

3 Midtones & Highlights
For the Midtones, a 1:1 mix of Ultramarine Blue:Regal Blue was applied to the armour; successive thin layers of Skull white was painted on the white parts; Shining Gold was applied on the iron halo; Blood Red/Bleached Bone (purity seal); a 2:1 mix of Scorched Brown:Bestial Borwn (leather armour); Dwarf Bronze (bullets); and 2:1 mix of Chaos Black:Boltgun Metal (sword blade).

For the highlights, Chainmail was used on the bolter and sword blade; 1:2 mix of Mithril Silver:Shining Gold was applied on the iron halo; and a 1:1 mix of Space Wolves:Ultramarine Blue was used to highlight the raised areas of the armour. Details such as the wording on the chest area of the armour was done using a pigment pen (thanks to help from a local forum.  

First attempt at painting a miniature face (human)
The Terminator Sergeant was my first serious attempt at painting a human face using Game Workshop techniques so they turned out just ok with plenty of room for improvement.

Basecoat of 1:1 mix of Vermin Brown:Scorched Brown
1:1:1 mix of Dwarf Flesh:Vermin Brown:Scorched Brown leaving deep recessed areas in basecoat colour
Pure Dwarf Flesh on raised areas + Wash of Orgryn Flesh
Finished off with a 2:1 mix of Dwarf Flesh:Skull White
Guess I no longer have any excuses to put off painting my Chaos and Ork armies.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Those are nice dude. Esp the sgt pic at the bottom. The eye is amazing. I've never been able to paint faces...been avoiding it coz i know am not good enough.
    You've really stepped up your skills. Well done.

    Love the step by step pics. Always enjoy seeing that :)

    1. Thanks man! Appreciate the support. =)

      Don't deserve the praise for the eyes though as I used a pigment pen for the pupil. While I mananged without before on a Chaos marine, for some reason I didn't feel so confident this time round.

  2. These look great, nice job. Looking forward to seeing progress on your Orks and Chaos armies. Your step by step guides are awesome aswell!

    1. Glad you liked 'em. XD Hopefully its helpful to fellow noobs who are starting out as a pro would find these how-to's a yawn-fest!

      Photos are a bit blur though ... my LG phone camera is just not good enough for extreme close ups. =(

  3. Awesome, nice tutorial =)

    1. Thanks limp! I am looking forward to seeing your finished Golden Kris submission =)

  4. Great work on those guys!
    Ron, FTW

  5. Thanks Ron! Appreciate the support.

  6. Lovin' it! I am an Ultramarine fanboy since the year 1992, and always happy to see well painted 'smurfs'. I am also a huge fan of Terminators (and super-excited about the new rules making them AMAZING!), so this post has made me all-too happy!
    Maybe I'll bust out the 'Guardians of the Temple' (2nd company) again at some point. But Lorgar has me a bit distracted these days... :-)


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